Need financial assistance are training?


Bin since 1.9 in training as an electrician!
However, I need penetrate Financial aid because I every month to pay € 300 to the bank for a loan! I get in 1.Lj just € 400 paid and has them still pay mobile phone bills and gym as me remains almost nothing about the life! Every 3 months I have to pay my car insurance also !!

I have no right to BAB because I have previously worked three years social obligations taken and still live with my mother (Hartz4)!

I do not know how to continue!! Help

The best answer

If you are under 25 and live with your mother in need in an apartment, then you are on your trainee - remuneration (gross) allowances according to § 11b SGB - ll be!

So Do you get € 400 net paid, then you should have min.500 € gross.

Then you are on it only once your € 100 basic allowance to and from the excess of € 400 (€ 100 - € 1,000 gross) once 80 € (20%) and 80% will be added, as the last stage of the allowances you there would then be of 1000 € - € 1,200 gross another 10% allowance to 90% would be credited to your needs.

So These € 180 you would definitely additionally.

So if you live with your mother alone then you is a head portion of the KDU - costs of housing and heating (warm rent) from 50% to plus would your current ruleset from 320 € (of 18 - 24 from 25 would you describe your own BG - Bedarfsgemeinschaft form) and then gives your demand per month.

Suppose the monthly rent would be at 500 €, then your head share would be at 250 € and with your € 320 ruleset demand at min.570 € per month.

So if you now get € 400 net and 180 € would deduct theoretically allowances, then would the chargeable net at 220 € plus then your child benefit of 188 €, making a total chargeable income of 408 € per month.

Of these, about 408 € your ruleset of 320 € was going on, it would remain a residue of about 88 € left, but since your head share is accepted € 250 you still would be an increase from € min.162 from the job center.

So you would then have your € 400 net and because your mother will get your children money to their account, they can this € 188 same with your head share of KDU - charge and then you only pay ggf.die difference at that.

These then would all have to be shared by the people in the household, so as deduction for household electricity, telephone, Internet usw.entweder you give then Kostgeld for your meals from or have to provide your own.

You can watch also a part-time job search, but as long as you still get child benefit, this will not really worth your while, because if you then for your income ggf.aus the BG - would be out, then the Job Center no longer expects the required child support on the needs of your mother, then so get up. € 188 less benefits and must then compensate with your child support.

That would mean for you that you indeed had a slightly higher allowance, but also the attributable income increases and when the child support is no longer needed as I said to own those requirements, then you have your head share of KDU - yes fully itself bear and the other costs mentioned.

This would look like this, if you still accepted € 450 gross as net would earn each month to then lay your entire Chargeable gross at then min.950 € and it then you would have to § 11b SGB - ll allowances of min. € 270th

Then then your total net would be about 850 € per month, minus the min.270 € to allowances would a chargeable net of about 580 € and give the child benefit of 188 € Choose ca.768 €.

Of these, approximately € 768 your requirement of say € 570 would come off, then would the surplus of about 198 € per month, thus would the entire child benefit count of 188 € with your mother because you which then for own needs cover no more need would.

You could then on this income (child support) max. make 30 € insurance fee if they would not do this already by other means, eg by allowances to earnings under § 11b SGB - ll, because then those 30 € are already included in the basic allowance of 100 €.

So then you had your 850 € Net and which you'd have to share your head from 250 € to pay and what else needs to be shared and even your meals to the rest is yours.

Would you then more trainee - getting compensation, then the surplus would belong to you, because the full child benefit would have then been credited to the needs of your mother and with your other income you are your mother in SGB - ll not legally obliged to support.

If you are reliant on your car, then you could ggf.noch a separate claim assert, if you had € 100 basic allowance spending more per month after deducting your € 30 insurance fee + € 15.33 advertising cost from your.

So € 100 basic allowance minus € 45.33 = € 54.67 per month if you still the statutory Cars - liability berechnest the month and per km to you go to and from work must € 0.20 berechnest, then you would be the difference to a separate requirement.

First mobile and Fitness Center cancel and ask for rate reduction by the Bank. Staatl. there is support at most with the H4 set your mother. Here but your gross pay you will be credited. Your contracts and your credit is your own pleasure. Something you have to think before signing!

You worry debt and wonder to have you pay them? Either reduce rates. Find Cheaper Mobile Phone Contracts and or fitness Quitting. So runs the stop ..

The problem is, loans, mobile phone etc .. not interested

So you'll have to stop living on to big foot ...

Sounds tough - but is so.

Handyvertrag - possibly let you out of the contract if you explain the situation.

Credit - depends on the amount of the loan - bankruptcy or possibly reduce the rates dramatically ...

Car? Is that absolutely necessary?

If not, this will leave little hold.

If they do - to get up at 5 am at all to work - you can cost more than 100 € assert the Office as overhead.

From € 100 wage You must retain, and further 20% from 101 € to 800 € ... best so further € 140 ... so overall number of 240 € net !!! from € 800 GROSS !!!

This is not done so - to submit opposition.

If everything is correctly calculated? Then there is the Office nor the difference to your part of the BG (€ 359) ... it from NET are after deduction of allowance no h about ...

Your "financial support" you get through the inclusion of one or more secondary activity / s. In addition, you have of course entitled to maintenance of your parents.

Entitlement to benefits is not for you.

Yes, but the main thing nen credit record or how? is Weil go well? That's what you get for.

Go tomorrow to the bank and discuss the situation, and ask for a reduction in the rate. Then the Abbe takes even longer. Or someone from your family paid the installments for you.

Go to bank and ask for reduction of the rate.
Sorry, but who is also so stupid and makes a loan in which 300 must repay € (!! monthly)?
Where is the money go, what you get for the loan? At 300 € a month, which should indeed be much relative ....

You will as certainly not come around, and you have no right to BAB, is good! Why should BAB pay your credit, probably what you have just verballert, for whatever.

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