Need help because gerootetem handy! URGENTLY!

Hello (: I have the following problem: I have successfully my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 gerootet yesterday Then I made yesterday and today a few changes and wanted to make a boot animation app, the Samsung logo when start up away and it put something else this.. had not funktoniert and I then accidentally a button name recovery come ... Jtz crashed my phone and lässtsich not boot it, and it opens more small window and it is then: stopped task Manager; paused camera ;. .. What should I do to make my phone runs contrary ?? Have tried a firmware to flash it, but he does not work ... need urgent help !!!!

Very very best wishes and many Thank you in advance ever for answers! (=

The best answer

Just try a recovery like TWRP or ClockworkMod for flashing. Then your boot and hold Volume Down, Home and Power button. This brings you to the Recovery. There you flasht then a ROM that you have previously drawn on an external SD card.

Did you "roots" in your phone an alternative boot loader installed? If so, then make the phone off and restart it while holding down the "Volume Down"

I would a factory reset in Recovery Share

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