need help can not decide math gfs me

I think in math but a gfs.kann me decide whether I should not take linear functions or much corner which is better to explain?

The best answer

A linear function is very einfach.Allgemeine form y = f (x) = a1 * x + ao or better known as y = f (x) = m * x + b

m = slope b shifts the graph up or down

m negative graph comes from top left to bottom right and running

m positive graph comes from bottom left to top right and running

for x = 0 b is the y-pass at

y = f (x) = m * x all graphs pass through the origin of the coordinate system

Interpolate by 2 points P1 and P2

y1 = m * x1 + b and y2 = x2 + m * b, these are two unknowns (m, b) with two equations, and therefore releasable.

Y1, Y2, X1 and X2 are represented by the points P1, P2 given.

Polygons is easier to visualize ...

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