need help in calculating the angle .....

I have a exercise leaf get and wars, this object is not there ...

The best answer

alpha = beta = 2beta and 5alpha

Can not do that either alpa is 2 * beta OR beta = 5 * alpha. So would be beta = 0.5alpha and beta = 5 alpha

A Info: a triangle has a total angle of 180 degrees

180 ° = 60 ° + 2 * Beta + Beta

The rest of writing alone.

α + β + γ = 180 ° => α + β = 180 ° - γ = 180 ° - 60 ° = 120 °

1. α = 2 ∙ β follows: 2 ∙ β + β = 120 ° => 3 ∙ β = 120 °

Result: = β 40 °, α = 80 °

2. β = 5 ∙ α follows: α + 5 ∙ α = 120 ° => 6 ∙ α = 120 °

Result: α = 20 °, β = 100 °

A few more details

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