Need help: o hab phone addiction and friends and so would tell me that's a dog well tuhen stimmts 0

My friends say I need a dog ︝bin animals always wanted one and have never done Habs but since I phone view they say nen dog would now tuhen me truly?

The best answer

A dog is not a panacea, and no therapy toy.

A Dog are brought out, if you have enough time and enough money has to look after him.

  • Did you provide to 150 euros a month to the dog adequately?
  • Did you go out 2 hours a day, you can order fully wittmen the dog with him to call him and nurture?
  • Is it clear whether the dog at home at all may collect and who takes care of him when you start training?
  • And in the time before, it is stipulated that there is always someone in the animal? A dog can stay maximum 4 hours alone, not everyone can do.

As therapeutic agents, I advise you very strongly discourage, because something like this is for the dog in 99% of cases of really bad. Because at some point the one tired and the dog no longer comes out, goes stale, begins his or her own employment search and decorated the apartment in order. In the end he is unbalanced, you come no more with the animal clear and it lands imi shelter. Please do not do that to the dog. Such a thing is absolutely not animals.

No let the the dog !!!! A dog is not a toy and needs a lot of attention! And you can not look after him when you feel like. But you have to take care of it always. Daily several hours gassi go. Sundays and public holidays are not!

Yes may be only the danger is that if it rains or so that you then prefer cheer sofa to sit with the phone instead of running with the dog in the rain because the dog wants At EVERY Weather run at least one hour!

You do realize that you have a dog not easily adopted fast times ?! What do you mean by animals? He needs lots of exercise and best yet conspecifics. Find out about dogs.

For something like a dog to do home itself. You would rather neglect even him because of your addiction. If you are still looking dog contact, look at an animal shelter, where you can go with such a walk.

If you are addicted to go into treatment. A dog is no addiction therapy. He takes a lot of time and costs a lot of money.

You can if you really want it SELF just get away from your cell phone searches. if you hope to somehow come off of it because your friends will say nothing.

Then let the dog, you will not cope.

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