Need help with my dog ​​parasites?

I have a 8 week old puppies and have the following problem. My dog ​​has passed from the first day when we got him regularly. Now I had after I saw in the passed so white chunks that all collected and am the vet. The said it would tapeworms. After my little that deworming has not tolerated, ie has further passed, the vet injected as an antibiotic which soothes the stomach and then given even more so Herbal tablets which I should give five days. All this for the purpose that they should set a bit because it is still very thin. Now she has last night again half wurmkurtablette get vermis Ex 50mg and has not broken at least in the first four hours. If she vomited after then ichs noticed net because I slept. Today against 15 it has the other half received and fed normally. Throughout the day, it has then also behave awake. Until just now it has passed without end say about 22 o'clock. Now I have found that in the vomit can me who say what that is?

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bring the vomit best for TA next time. You can vomit in a clean container with lid pack away, keep in a refrigerator (with inscription, so that no one opens the box!).

The TA may administer an injection for worms in stubborn cases of worm infestation, the stomach is protected.

Here about worm infestation:

Happy, Emmy

the black looks to me more as would have been dermestidae the fodder that has your dog then gefuttert and then vomited.

unless there exists parasitic infestation, you should stop the small with so many medis to pump full prefer.

worm cures are not just healthy and use for prevention nothing anyway.

Also you should maybe think about him artgerechteres feed switch. commercial dry food is NOT a good dog food.

I want to spread any panic !!!

Who told you because so much pushed this life threatening sick puppies too early into the hands ???

So an unlearned Dog Ever Mehrer should now bear the costs (apart from the pain of the puppies times) for probably lengthy vet visits.

Should it really have been tapeworm segments in the feces or vomit of puppy, then the whole litter is affected and accordingly life-threatening verwurmt and the bitch anyway !!!

Against tapeworms help "normal" wormers not.

Now therefore harder Chemistry lobes must always be used - and in this way too young puppies ...

This once again about: Sick Puppy of "neighbor-bitch-diagonally-opposite"

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