need help with my ex

Hi guys,

I love my ex, you can not say, because we are now again become good friends and I do not want to risk umbedingt game that now the but. for that I always see them every day and we work a lot and today at work she asked me what it was in my eyes, what it is for me and to be honest I do not know how I her to say anything .. . and I wanted her indeed been repeatedly say but there was always something in between, and I do not know how long it can still keep to myself :(

thanks for any reply!

The best answer

Talk to her and you ask for your feelings. Either you feel something or not. If not, only then you can do anything further planning.

When she asks you what it is for you, it does not seem to be uninterested yes. When I checked someone who would not be interested in what I was in his eyes, whether only a good friend or something more. I would also say, you should put the cards on the table.

Tell her easy :) I can tell you as a girl say that one hears something like. Best you meet her one day that you may be alone and nothing can come in between :) how old are you then?

live you should your cards on the table, even if it hurts it's better this way, because you will not last forever with this lie

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