Need help with the application! (Training as a media designer)

Hi, it would be very nice if you could give me suggestions;)

Dear Mr. XY,

looking for a job in which I can bring creativity and craftmanship used, I found the vacancy for the apprenticeship as media designer and would like to apply for training beginning on August 1, 2015 hereby. I am currently attending college Hannover and am in the first half for Information Management.

Already in my childhood I have found that I have a flair for colors and shapes. The passion for creative work led me to the Fachoberschule design. Through the years internship in print & copy center I can like to deal with the diversity of the profession. My scope of duties included the design and production of printed products with the application of various printing techniques. Furthermore, I could in customer conversation, consultation, sales and service collect diverse experience. In addition, I was able to acquire the basic knowledge of the design and programming of web pages by my studies.

In my FSJ in the Johanniter I learned to further expand my knowledge of human nature, which I regard as an advantage for working in a team and in dealing with customers. Furthermore me a high degree of readiness, resilience and conscientiousness were certified. With me you have a motivated, open-minded colleague found that gladly incorporated into new areas and will bring new creative and imaginative suggestions for your business future.

To get an impression of my personal skills, I offer you in advance of an internship.

About an invitation for an interview, I would be very happy.

Best regards

Unfortunately I could not find Plating Company, since no website is available and it is only a painting company.


Is actually pretty good. But yes you want a few suggestions (decide for yourself):

  • where I can combine creativity with solid m crafts,
  • I came across (your business) and would like to apply from 1 August 2015 for the training as a media designer.
  • Currently I visit ... and records information management (final?) In the first half.
  • Already in my childhood I discovered my sense of colors and shapes.
  • Fachoberschule of Design
  • During the years internship in print & copy center I could deal with the diversity of the profession.
  • Production of printed products n
  • Furthermore, I was able in the areas of ...
  • Also, I collected in my studies basic knowledge ...
  • In my FSJ in the Hospitallers I learned ...
  • will bring to your business.

Hello Tamana123,

Unfortunately I could not find Plating Company, since no website is available and it is only a painting company.

This is precisely the problem with this application. For each application, the key to success is to identify a candidate and the place a plausible connection between themselves. Since you have not done so, your application acts like a "mass printed matter" - not badly worded, but it is (with minor changes) available to other companies. But fortunately, the Internet is not the only medium that you can use to find out .... ;-)

2 Tips: 1. Please do too much stick to the language of application templates. 2. Establish link between candidates and companies.

and even a bonus tip: More hard facts call. Which programs you can as well, there are special abilities? Where can I check?

I find generally good, which are one / two errors certainly simply copying but you read the again by and let also read other text.

Only, I find the text almost too long, but that's a matter of taste!

The best answer

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