Need Hifle with the LaGrange sentence

Can someone help me please? I'm in the task not: /

Joschka makes a vacation in Venice. He is assisted by payment of travel expenses for 150 euros. The price of a meal (good 1) averages p1 = 10 euros a night in the hostel (well 2) costs him p2 = 20 Euro. Joschka utility function is given by: U (x1, x2) = x1 ∙ x2 III. How Joschka distribute its budget on accommodation and meals? (Note: Determine the solution formally using the Lagrangeansatzes). IV What level of utility obtained for him? V. Ask your result on a graph represents!

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The reference to the Lagrangian approach is remarkable. As the number of meals and the number of nights is an integer, me no set of Lagrange is known, which would be applicable here. It is an integer programming problem, which is to be treated completely different than absorbed. continuous optimization problems.

You must be able partially differentiate. Make up your mind about indifference curves, budget line and maximum utility. Initially intended to help this LINK continues:

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