Need PC for dragons & Stream

Hello community. I need a PC to stream (on in FullHD. All current games (also GTA V) to run on Ultra and 60+ FPS. Max. Price 2000 €. Only the PC because I have anything (mouse, etc.). At the GraKa should be min. 3 monitors (FULLHD) can connect. Please send the link of

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Go at best on a PC I configurator enpfehle and configurable Get a system with 1 or 2 gtx 980 a i7-4690K and 16-32gb Operative memory

the remaining components then you have to select so that they fit

Yes exaggerate just still 3 monitors ultra graphics old I am completely satisfied with my € 400 LAPTOP and is also very good but € 2,000 Purchase you but equal a high end gaming pc or get yourself out any company that something is produced are some even among € 2,000

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