Needless Ster dispute morning yet .. Vitamins and co.

I'm already since last year sometime vegetarian and therefore do not eat meat yet neither gelatin.

Straight I'm off to have apple for the day, because have to half 4Schule u my mother: "But even banana" & I so: Nee .. (Why I will also eat protein and still lose weight u something to me is just too cute and too much sugar) -also wenns 'only' fructose is.

U after Ne my mom so: Sometime you still have to go to the hospital because when you eat so one-sided!

Whoa I'd almost lost it ...

I eat protein flour and dairy products and vegetables!

(That is disturbed properly. ...) Which side takes her real and more understandable?

The best answer

I am also vegetarian, and although more than 30 years. I have determined no deficiency symptoms. We eat fruits, vegetables, rice, potatoes, legumes, eggs, milk and dairy products, and whole grain breads and sometimes white flour products. If one makes the balanced, it remains healthy. Let merely undeterred you there, no man need animal protein. lg Lilo

The Your mother, an apple for such a long day is too little! Compromise: Do not take the banana, but at least still a yogurt or a sandwich.

An apple to 16 o'clock is too little. As the blood sugar drops and you learn not good. Bananas are good for the heart. If the cardiologist recommended my husband, every day a banana.

Both sides are right in some way. Your mother is just worried and afraid that you'll get sick.

Speak there times in detail about it and find yourself in the "healthy center"

if you eat just the same then this is unhealthy therefore you should not only eat apples.

ps: for a complete healthy diet you also need meat, but that is here not

Your eating habits in all honor, but you have to be careful that you do not get any symptoms of deficiency. This may just happen at the beginning, if you do not yet familiar as well and know what products you can hernehmen replace him. In addition, an apple for the long day is not enough, because your mother is absolutely right.

Oh, I'm on your mother's side.

An apple until after 4pm is just not enough. One apple provides maximum energy to 11am (if at all).

In the banana are still other important substances in it that are not included in the apple.

I myself am a vegetarian & if one eats properly, take as many (if not more) nutrients. many people who feed on meat, too often eat meat !! And that is one-sided.

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