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Good evening, I have a few weeks ago a problem with the neighbors who dwells among us (an older gentleman). about 2 weeks ago, he complained that our son (2 years old) is too loud. In particular, he complained about the tapping, and finally he threatened me that it will have consequences if that does not change. I apologized to him and said that I'll be careful. This I have done the last few weeks. I even "forbidden" to paint with the pins points as it as always knocks on the table and his little drum I first hiding in the closet his example. I could not tell that he behaves exceptionally loud but otherwise. He is to 14:30 in kindergarten. Otherwise, he does at home often calm things like building Lego or puzzles. Sometimes he is also wildly but I can not really deny all, this time is limited to a few minutes. Today we have assembled a new (small) shelf. Time about 16: 00-16: 30th After 3 "proposals" to the shelf zusammenzubekommen cried the downstairs neighbor already "peace, an end to the noise!" I have now pretty scared the neighbor complains either the landlord or equal to a lawyer. However, it can be us not prohibit to build a piece of furniture at normal time? And above all we do not make that every day! but Tomorrow we must again drill bit, I have to go thought about morning to the property management and as it were to bring me the permission. I, also already spoken with respect of noise my son with other neighbors, and they are not of the opinion that it is too loud. However, since we our 2nd child expected in a few months, we will have to rebuild something. Can the neighbor this "ban" or Complain if it is done for normal time and could really, as it has threatened, have consequences for us? I thank you already for answers!

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Of course, the neighbors can complain or sue if he so but success is questionable, especially when night and siestas are not disturbed. I suppose the neighbor interferes in principle to children and is trying all incidents to puschen so that your undresses possible by itself.

I would discuss the issue as a precaution with the landlord. Not as a complaint, but in the form of a question.

If it is really loud (during construction), better inform neighbors in advance and ask for leniency. But then also adhere to the announced times.

Children can not freeze it, even if the neighbor's would like. A certain amount of noise from kids he must, willy-nilly endure.

If the neighbor is abusive, it is really evil, experience has shown to screw such "copies" then even to unimagined heights. If that should happen as often as possible provide witnesses in order not to be subject in certain following discussion.

No, he can tell you neither the children's noise prohibit the furniture building at the usual times. Are there not in Nacht.Finde it eh well of you that you already are trying to be considerate. He can tell you but nichts.Dennoch I would beat him to your place and go out the property management. Then know the ever modest and can also tell you what to secure.

You need certainly have no fear. All the Drunter tenants complained, is no reason for any complaints. There are normal residential noise or sign of life of your child.

If you're in compliance, the rest you must drill into the walls as necessary and assemble furniture. Since it requires no application or permission. If it's the Lord does not fit that he should take off.

This raises the question of whether children have become louder today. The answer is simple: Children today are not louder than before, their environment is unfriendly but unfortunately children and become more sensitive people. But the fact is that children like radios can not be switched on or off. Children need for their development clearance by playing, race, rage - can move.

So I can reassure you. Children noise by playing or rampaging toddlers arises is "unbearable". In other words, your neighbor can not, absolutely nothing about it, neither the landlord nor a lawyer. It has two options, a. Enduring and his stinky or b. Move out.

1) Typical noise of children in the apartment house is acceptable. The customary practice is not determined by the rest and ideas of order of third parties, as well as the needs of children and their care and parent families WUM 1991, pp 558-559 (LT)

2.) The tenant in the apartment house, the sounds that the motion and game urge correspond naturally also the small children of the residential neighbors to accept,. WUM 1992, pp 471-472 (LT)

3.) neighbors to the inevitable noise caused by children playing accept. LG, Berlin document number 61, S. 288/1985

4.) children's noise is acceptable. An injunction gem. §1004 para. I BGB is thus unsuccessful. AG, Kassel 872C 855/91

You can relax you so as far as possible actions. However, the neighborly life is of course not better. Since you must also be clear.

Outside the usual rest periods you can drill, hammer and screw, when it is necessary. The neighbor has to accept even normal children noise. What soon also includes baby noises of any kind.

Do not let them make you tame. The Policy governs your problem by itself.

Young mothers are massively protected by law through numerous court decisions that you can each recall cheeky when your neighbor again complains. There is no process with lower chances of success, as a mother with children rauszuklagen due to noise! So please do not even make the slightest any worries but show your neighbor to coercion or something

No, that may not prohibit the neighbor.

I personally would ask again why he complained about the noise.

As long as you abide the rest period, he can do anything. Especially children's noise is to be accepted, because it can stand on its head.

From 1-3 or so is lunch time, 16 clock does not fall into it, so it might not actually be banned

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