neighbor dog stuck in our fence, we should vet bill carry

Hi folks, had yesterday a confrontation with the neighbors. We (granny, 2 children and I) did yesterday spring finished our terrace. The neighbor dog as always barked continuously bitten in our wooden fence. When I swept the driveway she even has the wood as far gnawed she could to the front feet under by. I noticed this immediately and sent them back to the foliage broom clattering example. It was not long before they tried it in another spot and somehow her head between two boards squeeze through and got stuck. Our dog saw this course she could but call away before they came to the dog. I called the neighbors. This they could not free even so made ichein board so loose the neighbor's dog came out. By back and forth wrangling the dog he is now injured his neck. I then asked him this morning if it were the dog well, then just silly gepöpel and the threat of the next bill. We are to bear the upcoming vet bill. Because someone has an idea how that is legally?

The fence is now for 1.5 years and was one of us specially built since the previous fence was only cobbled together and none path pet safe. Now we are to build a chain link fence, I have offered to the neighbors that he liked so can do a mesh fence in our turn, it was with insults, threats, etc. blocked ... It must be said that he has with a particular problem, whether our car is on our driveway, the horses smell of our ponies, children sometimes play loud with friends, etc. It is not normal to talk to him. ASO, we live in a flat.


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From your description I can see no fault in the injury to the animal.

You were certainly a personal liability insurance. Portions of this the demand of neighbors. Then he gets from your insurer a letter that he has to pay his vet bill itself, because you are not at fault in this process.

A PHV is not only there to pay a damage, but also to ward off damage.

Greeting A

A provision that a fence must be "pet safe", I do not know.

I see no responsibility or liability for damages on your side - rather the other way around.

The dog has been shown to the fence at least 2 points gnawed so damaged. For the owner of the animal must adhere. You could therefore your hand from neighbors demand the cost of repair of the fence.

But precisely for these accusations but affords a user a PH for approx. 50 EUR / one year. What does the come about?


That's my opinion but rather a problem that can be solved with legal counsel: I would the matter over to a lawyer, which is to achieve that the neighbor paid the fence and his dog liability insurance covers the damage that has caused the animal. He is responsible for the vet because he can also demand nothing.

If the man anyway is a troublemaker and to everything that has to mosern, then I would not have worried .. those like to talk without really do something.

Hello! We now hear only one side - is always a problem. After your description You are in the right, it is not about barbed wire - as it could be different. All the best.

So when the dog owns nachbarm he is also responsible for what his dog doing here clearly proper damage (the fence) that he is going on the ground without permission (the dog) must aucb not the takes neighbor in the event you even the fence pay renovation

Hello mabu have, get good answers here .... Just as you are describing the situation, it is in your neighbor simply a troublemaker. Search Such contemporaries and, unfortunately, always find a reason (so outlandishly sinnfrei the may be) to smear people. Grumblers have namely most problems with their self-esteem and can not deal with their own lives ... I would wait and see - as it is so aptly? Dogs that bark do not bite ... :) As others have written, the legal situation is clear here - you are not in the obligation, on the contrary! Should he really come with the bill - ignore! He would then go to the lawyer and he is in the burden of proof. then you can still react ... The time he used it to denounce people, he should use better to visit with his dog a dog school ... I wish you all the best and not so intimidated ... :)

Greeting, Elsie


me now arises first a question in return, the neighbor because no fence ??

Actually it must be yes Garden accordingly warrant may let out to his dog. Would the garden have been properly secured, the dog would have never been able to get caught up in your fence. And I think he can be happy that their so nice and stuff since tolerates because a law that his dog he bullied the neighborhood not. On the contrary, he can be happy not itself an indication to obtain because of noise (continuous barking is a noise) and he can make his dog as long as until the fence breaks down for me is almost wanton destruction of property, I would Messrs an send invoice from the fence. And if it is a large dog, which with you notifiable is possibly (20/40 scheme for example) to audition the clerk's office, because then he is initiated ex officio to make his garden pet safe because it with one of the pads.

You meet because no legal fault as will also come nix. Should he really you the bill insert, then return with love greeting, that he ever a lawyer should get and would have to be satisfied with the owner of you ... For if you only tenants since, did you eh no recourse, whether for ye have the governed with the garden otherwise contractually.

Since my opinion, a shoe out of it the other way. The dog owner is always responsible for his dog and has to take care that the dog does not "nonsense" and may cause damage.

So it would be the task of your neighbors have the fence on their side so as to "ensure" that the dog can not get to your land.

If the dog is now violated this "normal" fence, then that is in my view not your problem ...... As tragic as that may be for the dog.

when he gives you the bill, you naturally verweigerst the payment and stellts him your hand, the repair of the fence in statement. you the very calmly see. your fence has done nothing to anyone, but his dog has your fence damaged, but the holder is responsible.

Your neighbor has not all slats in the fence!

He bears the costs of vet his dog and the cost of your fence. Tell him that the subliminal threat that you will go to a lawyer.

This neighbor should get his dog under control.

It is not to make your fence "pet safe" your task. That's his job. On the contrary, his dog has damaged your fence.

from the belly out, I would say:

if my dog ​​sticks his head through a strange fence and hurt, I have to pay the bill. And apologize.

I mean, your neighbor pays the TA bill itself. Some people can not be at peace. If so, unfortunately .........

It is entirely a matter for the owner to secure on his side of the land the fence so that the dog nothing happens. You have therefore nothing to do. A bill I would reject.

Your neighbor is all alone responsible for ensuring that his dog is on his land. His dog may not bother neighbors and / or damage the property of the neighbors (your garden fence).

If the neighbor your landscaped fence not considered sufficient to his own dog away from the land of other neighbors, then it can build its own escape-proof fence on his property ...

With a vet bill for neighbor's dog you have nothing to do!

Great if you have such neighbors ...

What business does the neighbor's dog on your fence?

Threaten him but to charge him the cost of replacing the chewed wood. ;-)

Do not worry, the neighbor must pay itself.

if he would behave as a co-tenant this could be terminated him because it is unacceptable to live with him .. no you are not responsible for its inability Also Brian and must pay any bill - your ORing was exactly right - he is yet a mash wire fence erected by his side - so that his dog no longer fence your bite kann-- the contrary --It would pay you because of chewed fence --seine haftpflicht-- has he not determined he would not -sonst rumpöbeln- - would then have it just stehen-- with such neighbors makes the most beautiful land no more fun.

--allein that the dog you constantly barks when you are in the garden, is already a reason to diesne neighbors to take time to really breast. I would show him once or call the Polizie when the dog again so does a riot and his herrchen is not in a position to prevent that.

the damage of, fence must bear the neighbor. he does not have his dog under control and is therefore not just a bad dog holders but also a very bad neighbor.

the vet costs naturally contributes the pet holder. because there are probably no two opinions, unless the threats of a appears to be nailed the little ...

the legal situation is clear, but what are you doing on permanent nerve dwarf with such a. a retired man could be turned on, acts as a judge without a lawyer and free. This speaks a binding judgment.

let me guess, your neighbors are spoiled old retiree ...

who have always something to complain, because I would not do anything, they ignore and wait, most are not as bad as they look, if you have a letter of which will receive, it is lawful, demand a receipt, and the address of veterinarian a, (if you should pay) but actually has the dog yOUR fence destroyed, and the neighbor should have livestock to take care of the

I myself have dogs ..... I am responsible for this and what if they also deal Tacky. For this I Hundehaftpflichtversicheringen.

To fence ...... as an owner I have to ensure that not ausbüxt the dog and therefore I have to draw a fence around my land.

Do not be intimidated you ......

The needs of the dog owners themselves take care he has finally the duty of supervision! You do not have to take care to secure a safe dog fence to your property ....

Since the polluter pays principle is not paying you anything but the liability of the neighbors the damaged fence.

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