Neighbor's dog has jumped me and made my pants NEW broken!


I wanted to just go flat out and got on the elevator waiting in my house when suddenly a neighbor with his little dog came out from the lift and the dog with suddenly leapt. I've since really full fear get in front of this little dog. Now I've just noticed that me this has ruined mutt my new jeans. I'm now really full sour, because the pants is still new !! (Hab die just me last week bought) What can I do best with such a stupid dog against those neighbors ???????? You must understand that I'm pissed now! I also do not know, we live in which stock these people ... What would you do ??

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Lasse you simply replace the pants or their monetary value, either by neighbors, or by their insurance. The name you'll find out by looking ask around me, who has such a dog ------> then it has also not everyone who falls a the other or a safe place!

If he refuses to pay up, you can theoretically souvenir a display, but if it makes for a relative probably quite low value of the pants sense this is another question.

Unfortunately, dog owners take unjustly often several privileges, etc. out or tend to see everything playing down or from their angle; it may therefore be good that he denies it. Make it so far then realized that you would not shy away from a display - as intimidation like the help, must indeed afterwards not report .. but as a lever it is often sufficient. Stay but always friendly.

First come down. Now sounds goofy but you said yourself that you're just angry. Since it reacts quickly.

I'd stayed at home ask around if anyone knows the guy with dog, then I would go there and tell him that his dog has seemingly ruined your pants. But not say "Your dog has made my pants broke, give me money for ne new!" Since there are only armed.

Would first look at how understanding the man.

Now is also the question of how bad the pants is broken. Ifs only has a small crack and it was not exactly ne Levi, I'd not son nen vertebrae making drum. Ensures only tension in the house. If it is now quite broken and ne expensive pants were, then you can ask if it you can not some money for ne new pants to give more time.

Probably it is but first say that you can not prove that it was his dog who made the pants broke.

Attempt definitely peacefully to clarify and calm down before you choose the guy.


Search definitely talking to the neighbor. Once the dog leaves the house shall Anleinpflicht. The right to a new pair of pants you with security.

Dog owners in Germany have to complete for their dogs called dogs indemnity insurance, which then draw if their dogs damage or destroy objects of other people.

Thus, you should find out who the dog belongs precisely and make the pants into account. The then handles their insurance.

In any case they are to you obliged to replace the pants.

In addition, you should always talk to the neighbors and bring your fear of dogs to express, so that the neighbors know about the next meeting and take their dog on a leash or keep the line shorter.

The holder is liable for damages unless it has a corresponding liability for the dog. For this purpose first need the name of the holder. Must go to the search.

Go to the police is properly damage! and the dog should and trousers even he must have destroyed his mouth muzzled, because you could have got serious injuries was glad that it was only the jeans!

First, I would try to make people seek out and talk to them. May be yes, they are reasonable and you pay a compensation. If you will not you agree, helps only a complaint against the dog owner.

Hi, your exaggerated anger can not understand therefore think that you should go to hire times in a Agressionsbewältigungskurs but your pants you should get already replaced. Ringing in your neighbor and report their damage (when it comes perhaps a little more friendly than the issue here). As a rule, they should have an insurance policy that pays for the damage to the pants. If you do not know exactly where they live in the house, it helps rich to ask the neighbors, anyone who is familiar with yes.

I can understand that you're Sauer these pants happens to have cost money. And I think if you do the next time it is them or if you do extremely Krass Say want go to the police what I would do I would simply look if you find these people or inform you of the tenants! Hope could help a little

A pair of jeans is only through a small jump dog be broke? I do not think so ... unless it was cheap Chinaware..selbst then goes through the start not just broken.

hear you to where they live and say they should report the damage to their insurance

go with the pants to your neighbors, tell him what happened and that you compensation for the pants would like to have. The dog is normally assured. Then run the matter of insurance of owner.

If the damage incurred by another, this is also in the liability.

To make a claim You should be with the neighbor in connection setzen.Diesem opposite You can describe the facts show the broken pants and asking for regulation.

When a dog liability insurance or private has liability insurance, this will certainly regulate your damage.

Speak kindly at him and you will be able determined some you.

appeal the neighbor it. However, if you only just get away with it, it gets to be too late. If You're lucky he's so nice and paid it, if not, you will unfortunately have bad luck.


na you will surely get out where they live. Otherwise, once just ask the neighbors. The holder must pay for the damage, if it was caused by his dog (what was that for a pair of jeans?), However, describe the facts and is good - because you have not as a movie of machne ;-) Dr. Google would given you the answer even faster

I can really understand you if that happens I'm angry. Say times the owner of it.


I assume that you want to deliberately provoke "Dog Lovers" with your text and probably luck with that have were allowed.

I myself am such a plus owners.

Well, what can you do: the damage takes the dog insurance of the dog owner. Ergo, you should talk to him.

What I would do: Generally I keep my word choice. I was taught a respectful treatment of fellow human beings (in Word / Scripture and reality). There may be people, because that might be different.

Furthermore, I would make the "trouble" and find him, so can not be that hard.


lassn main thing the dog at rest

Raus Find who it was and talk to him.

But he has a liability insurance for the dog that comes of such costs.

The fault lies not in the dog, but the owner who has his dog in this situation is not under control and has not brought him up that he starts anybody. Unfortunately, just forego the holders of small and micro dogs broadly to any education.

Just ask the neighbors that you know about, if you are down a bit. Someone with the Lord dog will already know.

At first I thought it writes a little schoolgirl, the anger at a dog of the soul - then I have found that you want to be well taken with your 19 years even as young adult woman seriously ...

Ok, your expression to speak of a dog is not in order, but apparently not to be expected of you ...

So, to write here again: pulling for you, take the pants, bibs at the neighbors with the raging dog and ask for a fast possible claims.

If the whole process is consistent, how did it happen that your beautiful new pants so quickly given up the ghost, then the neighboring its dog owner liability will show the damage - and very soon you will be reimbursed to you damage caused ...

Further questions? (Maybe you've got now also the second contact lens lost ...)

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