Netflix Germany - selection?

Hi, I would like to know a few things about Netflix Germany and whether it is worthwhile to pay for it. It is mainly about the choice, because six months ago, Netflix had no choice.

Does Netflix now (in German):

  • All squadrons Breaking Bad
  • All Season Game of Thrones
  • All Season The Walking Dead + the new running now
  • All scales Lost
  • Dragonball + Z / GT?
  • Other Anime selection? (OnePiece?)
  • pirates of the Caribbean
  • Harry Potter

Last time I had a month's trial, was of almost nothing available. Can I look side with a Netflix subscription Germany on the American Netflix? (With or without VPN)

The best answer

Breaking Bad all seasons even in 4k

GoT: If NF never come, no other streaming service, HBO has all rights and only sells them to Sky

Walking Dead: All Episodes Season 5 after FOX / AMC Broadcast logically

Lost: Are there ncht on NF

DB: Is not there a series, only 3 movies on NF

In general, I can not say anything to the anime genre, but I know that there is no selection for on NF

Pirates of the Caribbean there is only 1 + 2

Harry Potter does not exist in NF

You have to say that Netflix has many disputes with the major film studios and TV channels, each streaming service such as NF, max cathedrals, etc. have the rights to the series to buy, but large companies such as Sky mostly buy the exclusive right and delays the listing in the "small" streaming services.

Litigation and bureaucracy ... welcome in Europe in 2015!

best regards

Breaking bad, JA

Walk Ding Dead, JA

Game Thrones, NO

Lost, NO

dragon ball, YES, but I do not believe all.

Anime, YES lot

Pirates Caribbean, 1 and 2

Harry Potter NO,


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