Netflix subscription? Multiple devices

I have before me to order a abo at netflix for 4 devices but as I not only use it but share with friends I do not know if I should now accept and pay for one or two of these devices in demanding because I look forward to 2 devices once the phone, and then on the tablet. As I watch it never simultaneously. So my question may be a 4 devices at netflix on different devices look (not simultaneously)

Sorry for any grammar or spelling punctuation errors. Was written in haste

Thanks for the answers

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Devices you can have all you want. It get about how many of them running simultaneously. We have eg 5 devices 2 phones 2 computer 1 tablet. NEN contract for 2 devices made. Looked we have based on where we gets off ate degree. It is the location of the terminal care. Was also on the company computers from view. But only 2 devices the stream simultaneously with Netflix.

The number of devices relates to "simultaneously" on. So you taking the premium package with 4 devices, you can, and 3 other friends .. Just access simultaneously on Netflix, it is the standard package with 2 devices.

If the subscription is 4 simultaneous streams. This means you can with as many devices as you like ran as long as no more than 4 streams simultaneously. And you can create an extra sub-account for each of 4 people. So perfect to share it with 4 people! That's how I do it too :)

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