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Hello, I need a new phone soon because mine slowly breaks down it has to me but myself buy (no problem for me getting plenty of pocket money if I save some)

So I would definitely not samsung otherwise: a smartphone without a contract with, at best, replaceable, long-life battery of easy through the day, whose memory is expandable, but also so already 16 gb memory has.. Camera would be nice with 16 megapixels outside and 5 inside, and one for a mobile relatively good sound, both (especially) through headphones and through the speakers.

I thought of the LG G3, so someone has experience?

The best answer

I would recommend a Nexus to buy the Nexus 6 by Motorola is the current model, but the successor is likely to October this year presented. Nexus is the flagship model of Google (manufacturer of Android). You get a Nexus smartphone running with Stockandroid so entirely free of bloatware or modifications. This you all the power of your smartphone use and not going to be slowed down. In addition, you get at least 2 years always be the first to new Android updates and occasionally small gifts of Google (Free movies, music, etc). I myself have the Nexus 4 used two years and then I switched to the Nexus 6, my friend has the Nexus 5 and will switch to the next model. I'm super happy with the three smartphones and make you the Nexus series really recommend it.

Yep! So highly recommended the HTC one m8 it has a sound diamonds! Could you have a look! I currently own an iPhone 5 and am very pleased with everything By this maybe also something for you! Can I even once Reply and write in at the end of which you brought to you!

Hope I could help! Best regards

I can put the OnePlus One ans heart you here. Although Does not replaceable battery, but with 3100 mah to get loose on the day with 64 Gb need no external memory card. Can Tuesdays without invite on always buy for 350 euros, but come here again 16 euro shipping strikes

Hey haasi1998. If you still can wait a few months then come out really cool phones. LG G4, Nexus next generation. Sony Xperia Z4 etc. LG G3 is generally a good smartphone, has many functions and also runs smoothly. If you like big phones with large display then I would suggest you N6, (Google Nexus 6). Because you're always on the latest stand in Android world and you have a really good hardware. What battery concerns, I myself also worry me made to battery and have always said that battery must be replaced, but I have replaced 0 times battery. An SD card slot you need not really if you have 32GB internal memory. On the SD card do not you give only videos, photos and music files more actually. You can also make the internal memory. If you want to but have a new phone in next weeks then you buy LG G3. currently a good phone (not the best!). I hope I could help you. MfG KingOff

Look at you with Sony to, especially the Xperia Android Reihe.Toppaktuelles good camera and sd Karte.Falls it is important, it is waterproof and has a magneteladeanschluss

I myself have an lg g3 and am completely satisfied and I can only recommend the uhd display is also very good

Go buy on ebay a oneplus one invite (10 Euro) And then buy you so that oneplus one about 350 Euro

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