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Custom urgently a council. We have until 6 months two Berner Sennen had both died of cancer, was very bad for my friend (were his dogs) Now I know that he likes to again have one, but the problem he has ne company and works 12 hours every day. The dog would be from morning to evening with him in the office. According to my friend that enough because he gets since streicheleinheiten. In my opinion, must be spiritually encouraged a dog. I also work full time and go either then the next job or the fitness. Now I'm another 2 weeks at home and it is now really the right time, it should be a surprise for my boyfriend. He said yes Chatting after summer to bring a what I think as we both then yes have to work again for ne stupid idea. And a young dog goes to take the same to the office in my opinion at all. I would really like to a very but think am the animal does not do justice to. Oh, it should be a great dog for example, again, according to my friend. A Golden Retriever or Labrador. I well informed me of both races and also knows the Labbis need lots of exercise. My friend is the type of 10 minutes a dirt road running and that's it. He thinks but that is enough. Please tell me your honest opinion.

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The dog would be from morning to evening with him in the office. According to my friend that enough because he gets since streicheleinheiten.

a dog needs lots of exercise and employment. As you will accomplish this if you have no time and your friend has no desire to walk the dog in accordance with and to employ sufficient?

Dogs handicapped such an attitude would certainly not. I would therefore refrain from this consideration. Why should be good because it that a dog 12 hrs. Only can sit next to one and the needs of the dog be ignored and can not be fulfilled ?! Would you want to live such a dog's life?

I would really like to a very but think am the animal does not do justice to.

why you want to support it then yet?

Please tell me your honest opinion.

You have no time for a dog! Let it go!

A young dog you can not do justice. He must be educated and employed, apart from that he must often get out until he is housebroken.

At best, you could consider an older, set dog who is happy when he is allowed to participate in everything and otherwise rather want peace. But even wants to go more than 10 minutes walk.

sorry, I'm sorry, but you have too little time for a dog ... no dog like 12 hours in buero rot and then just a few meters can run! a young dog needs every 2-3 hours out -also at night and after 2 weeks never housebroken and trained!

load it be please!

I think that's a very good idea with the dog but Eigendlich virtually every dog ​​needs spout. Especially a young Labrador or goldi that I would again consider carefully whether that would be so good for pet's! As such, he has but to take it with you VLT better than the shelter but her I need time and patience for the dog !! Outlet is very important for a dog !!!!!

Golden retriever or pug :)

I say well who need you have a pet ye take care of it and maintain. Buy if at all an easy-care dog already (trained) is

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