new dog growls and bares its teeth

Hi, I hope you can help me. We got us on Saturday a nine-month-old dog from the animal shelter. Originally from Romania and came up with four months to the shelter to Germany. They landed already as a puppy with his mother in Romania at the shelter. She is still quite uncertain since it knows nothing's completely normal. However, they got yesterday a chew and growled at my friend when he came to the bone. With a loud "no" she let the bones but then take away. Today I have with the office. Since they now want daily. The morning went smoothly ... until I gave her a chew bone. I came up with the hand in her basket and she growled at me. I took her off the bone and it went away. Afterwards individually two colleagues came to the office which they had recently been received joyfully .... this time she growled and bared his teeth properly! I could have, fortunately, in the situation in their place, however, I am unsure genuine. I had already two dogs but something I do not know. I do not I still really afraid of my dog ​​get. How should I behave? I can also still not properly assess after 3 days. According to shelter them has been screened zero aggression. Do you have any advice for me? best regards

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Since the chewing bone here quite a bit is I write something about the situation with colleagues.

If you take away her chewing bone, she finds the bad. shortly thereafter, when (or other people) come colleagues, they might think that you have taken from her the chew bone because of the other. So that the others are to blame for the loss of Kauknochens.

If you do that often, you will educate them to see reasons for loss of resources in other people. That you should do so in any case! You will otherwise another human being problematic.

A counter-strategy would be her whenever a stranger comes in and approaches her a dry kibble to give. Then she joins other humans with food, so something positive.

Working with rewards is in the dog training already very fruitful. I can recommend this also for other things that you still want to teach her.

There are two occasions where one should not interfere with the dog:

1. When eating

2. When sleeping

The bringing please even young children so in! When he drove werkt anyone in Essen quickly ne fork in hand :-) The dog yes least still warned good dog!

The poor animal must first build trust and get a bond to you.

If he growls in the next situation, no note, just turn around and go. Emergency office secure the dog in a box, then nothing can happen unexpected. The box can be a retreat to be in which it must not be disturbed. Also has to learn the animal.

Calm and patience, no compulsion please

Greeting Ingrid

You've got a stray dog ​​probably always had to fight for their food.

If you abnimmst her bones, then you should do that ONLY with barter. I have always taken liver sausage for Sharing ago, every bone has been dropped on a small piece of liver sausage :-) take away just like that is stupid, has learned just when the dog know Futterneid. Of course, some bones are so large that the dog would like to chew it 20 hours, but not always is good, hardened stool.

Never so take away, eventually biting times to. trying to find out what your dog full leaves, and so you can install with equal an abort signal. Did they understand the principle of the exchange, you can slow your "from" bring with. Lets you the bones fall, praise and Special Leckerlie pure. So learn your dog that it is worth to let their prey for another fall.

Hello KiraSandra 1985

You have the animal taken on Saturday at the shelter and expect from him, he completely adapts to your needs and daily occurrences? .You Say but even, not even to him assess .How to the dog you because in 3 days .If have estimated please? you still have two dogs had .How long did it take the .The because in order to fit into your rhythm of life is a dog with past life and still needs a lot of patience and time to adapt you growl and snarl .The towards strangers is normal .You are his unfortunately still unknown .But this will settle .I would recommend you visiting with the animals in Hundesportverein which jointly draw up a training plan with you .The dog is good-natured, or he would have already bitten you or your friend .Einem animal that you do not know will not be eating away .because it reacts instinctively.


Let your dog but only sometimes warm werden.Er knows no family, this is all for ihn.Ich would again give him a bone, give him what he can eat quickly and leave him only once to rest. I would also leave no stranger to it, because it needs only times the confidence in you always aufbauen.Habe a Leckkerchen at hand call him by his name, and when he comes, he das.Wenn confirm then trust to you has built, then you can work with him.

Look at yourself after a dog training school or a club can help you time. Give him not so fast, he will thank you.

Give her but simply to work no chewing bones for now. You must first take confidence which can take some time. Is quite normal.

My coming from abroad and has determined taken 6 months to trust me, but the uncertainty on a leash with other dogs is given immrenoch.

Until then, there are only home chewing bones and also include then you, you should only times not take away again.

Goes best yet in a dog school that can certainly show you also bonding exercises. Please just put in such dogs no punishment but only postive reinforcement.

Now let your dog down first time to settle in and he / she has indeed gone through a lot in the short life. want my opinion, if you only give your dog bones, then away again, it is logical to growl, to say, this is mine!

If the dog was in a Romanian shelter and perhaps even with multiple siblings, then food will not have been present in abundance! The chewing bone is still something new and must be protected :) Did just what patience, the dog must first build trust, working patiently with him and take him never as punishment for the chew bones away! This is natural behavior and instinctively present in dog, he can not help it;) LG

If I were you would have taken me once a few days off. So you could have used the new dog in peace to his new environment including those emanating from and on and. except visit, which would come later and only gradually. Then you would have the dog once to show off your work, without him the same hours on the piece there "lay" and pacify with chewing bones.

But all the same with a dog that far actually knew only a kennel at once?


That reminds me of an interesting story that someone had told me once. She had already longer dogs, but their new she went to dog school. There she was told that she should take the dog seizure and should exercise daily. So they did that, they took the dog every day during the seizure the food away. Eventually he had growled whenever they Lining only approached.

In the afternoon, they always gave him a bone, in this they did not exercise. Once he carried him on their carpet. But she would not think he eats him there and took him away to his next basket. And the dog made no botch, why he knew he gets it back.

When fodder but he learned that suddenly someone comes and takes away the lining him. She left then and the situation has slowly improved.

If you need to take your dog something, practice before a command for it. If he has such as a toy or something else, say the command and offer something more significant, as a treat. The practice repeatedly.

but let him when eating alone. How would you find it if every day someone comes to your lunch and wegstellst wordlessly you. Sometime you also patience would run out yet.

Your dog defends his bone and her space / cup ..

Either you let the dog bone eat quietly or give him any. The dog had probably all his life to fear for their seizure. Now you come and frequently takes him away his food.

Pick me a dog school. Before the dog still bites someone.

want Imagine standing a plate of your favorite food in front of you before you just start eating and then takes him somebody away. I think then you also knurrst

A chew bone is for the dog like a child they are difficult here so just no gebem

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