new dog has not peed all day

Hello, we have today (a 2-year-old mixed breed lady) brought animal shelter at 9:00 unsen dog from which we were already 3 times a 1-1 / 2 hour walkies with her and she has not peed yet Kot I sold go again later with her but so far nada Otherwise has behaved normally slept eaten drunk rested and cuddled do I be worried?

Or is it because this is all new

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Yes, of course, the reason is that all of it is new and it is uncertain accordingly.

This is still likely that the dogs are not even on a leash at the shelter and walk when they need to - but they can all solve without a leash.

Too, must often first learn that the walk is applicable to this as too soft a dog - but it will come.

And if something tonight, "next" is - then no complains (because it brings no longer the combined). A day or two, then they will know where and how to "make" should.

Everything good for you


Dogs can be quite long urine and feces comply if they are not sure at home or feel uncomfortable.

Let your new dog once arriving at rest. Please do not fill in with too much new at once.

Go with your generally always the same bit of a walk route and searches you to a quiet environment. Then fold the latest after a day / night with solving.

Stay until they settled with you is at precisely this Gassi route. Quiet praise when it is folded important. Not all dogs are "jack of all trades" but there is "little soul" which outwardly not only want to show the same the.

Good luck with the new Haushenossen!

Or is it because this is all new

Yes, it is. Before you go to bed, it is safe to pee. The girlie used to it already. Similarly, if bib, is not a doomsday. Guess that einspielt that everything is new .... LG

If they do not have to then do not go. If it must then also makes them.

After no more than 2 days I would go to the doctor ..!

oh it will come ^^ Maybe if you go again equal.

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