New glasses frame with old jars but strange sight

Hello everybody. Have a problem. Maybe someone knows yes modest. I wrecked yesterday my glasses (frame). I then go to the optician and had to search with a frame in which fit in my old goggles. Now I have the problem that I have a view as if uch'm drunk. But the glasses I had previously also. Is that normal??? to Specifies the back, because the glasses are perhaps enclosed in another angle ??? Ask for help. thank you

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probably because the glasses will have been wrong recut centered. Go to the optician and tell him your problem, he needs help. Normal it is certainly not that you now look like drunk, also has nothing to do with settling; Finally, there are indeed your old glasses.

The optician hats screwed up. The regrind the glasses should only be recommended if the required centration and 100% can be met, everything else is a half-hearted tinkering. After what you're describing, is definitely there what went wrong, and after my feel you owe the optician a new glasses couple. With glasses directed the resulting error with will be hardly correct, because I am very sure

Then the optical axis should no longer apply from eye and the lens. A good optician would have measured and corrected that. But where you can still find good optician.

No, it does not lie down. You have to back to the optician, the frame must be set differently, then you can also back as good as seen previously.

I also have my old glasses in a new frame, and it all works.

It's not just about the the gläaser the frame are also the axis of the optical must be gläaser properly. does not seem to be the case since. something must detect a opticians but.

You've already answered the question itself - a competent optician would have made you Previously attention

OK thank you. Then I'll just today go again and be judged there.

Yes, or left and right are reversed.

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