New hangover at this 2-year-olds

Hello, Unfortunately, I got in a cat forum still no answer and I just'd ever like to see start.

Unfortunately, one of the brothers not even 2 years has been hit by a car drive .. in a 30 zone ... where little cars and one cat normally looks the same .... another topic .. Now the other alone .. as since jz is it responding to yes show yet. but I think it's best if we again bring him a partner.

How old is the new cat be accurate? should be after I have read that it should be either the same or different old and younger no longer than 3 years ..

Our cat is rather quiet, cuddly when he wants to and he loves his clearance ... The other cat should then be as or?

Maybe you can help me .. I'm just totally finished grade ...

The best answer

How old was that the brother and he had what characteristics? The new cat should not be too different from the brother. My condolences for the loss. LG

SUPPLEMENT: Have just read that one as to wait a year until one gets a new partner now.

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