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I got 1-2 weeks before the Htc one m7 (new), only to find that the very fast is all battery. Today WHILE working abundzu times facebook times Whatsapp and Bissel the internet (15min) and played in the break about 15 minutes, all in the saving mode and have about after 10 hours uses about 70% battery. Given the back was very hot. A colleague has meant that it is the cpu was so hot that it is overloaded and the entire cache in the background running, so is also the battery went out so quickly. Because someone knows how I finish the cache, or what it is? With my old phone I had to 5sec. press the Menu key and was able to see what happens in the background and close possibly. When HTC because I can not find anything but unfortunately not directly into the settings and Googling when were my tickets displayed Extra apps.

Mfg Lowww

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It is you now might not like it, but because hst you just discovered the quirks of the HTC one m7. It has a low battery (this one is maximum after 8h empty) and is in addition also still extremely hot. It does not matter what I do best, I do not watch all day on my phone, or I'm no battery at home. Since it can not do much, I've already tried so many different things, the only thing you can possibly help, is to root your phone and there is a Rome up play, the battery is very friendly. Otherwise, you have to like it or lump it on: /

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