New job feel, I do not really need? What to do?

Hello, it probably sounds crazy, I have since 2 weeks a new job at a very cool company. Really great climate, great atmosphere, nice people, but I must confess that I already after 2 weeks have the feeling to be not used.

The team is in my opinion great enough for the workload. Clear if someone fails due to illness and holidays, then I will, of course, demanded more. However, that's not what you I do not think without me would create ..

Something the management will indeed have thought why my job was offered, but I can now after 2 weeks already say that I do not understand why ..

Of course I have a trial period, what you say would be a wise move? Wait until it strikes the head of department? Response? accept other position? (There are very open), Quitting and what to look else before I get fired?

The best answer

appeal Definitely! If notice that you have nothing to do AND you still in the trial period they could consider the takeover again.

If you do it from thee out ansprichst you send in any case the signal that you want to do what (and it is perhaps not enough yet, but if the change to a different position where more is to be done is, has the problem done).

Well if you're unhappy with it, respond, clearly,

Response and ask. Whether you what must not make another?

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