New o2 router prepares to problems with LoL and Steam

I received last week a new Internet router o2 and the electrician has the capacity to 18,000 MBs? erhöt ..

(I know not so with the Internet zeugs and before that I had a 16000 router MBs of Alice)

since I can no longer access Steam and League of Legends tells me trouble by a firewall.

Can it be that the new router has something done with the firewall and, if so, know you can fix it?

The best answer

18000 mbs would a 18k DSL line. that does not exist!

because you have you ever pulled cleanly over the table, which is so common in o2. you are with security still at 16k, if you ever a-speed-test doing.

Can it be that the new router has something done with the firewall and, if so, know you can fix it?

which is quite possible, since each router, which was produced in the last 6 years has a firewall. nice that also o2 times arrives in 2015 year.

how to disable it depends on dienem router. What exactly did you do ?!

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