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Hello everybody,

have me today a Blaupunkt 40/334 i bought with the following connections: 3x HDMI, 1x Coax, Ypbpr, VGA PC in, VGA PC audio in, headphone and the normal video / L / R.

The 5.1 system is Samsung and has the connections shown in the picture. On old TV I simply plugged via digital audio and every sound has arrived on the TV is automatically come out of the 5.1 system.

Hope there is an alternative and you can help me. Gladly also need to be purchased with a link to cables. Unfortunately I found nothing on Google and have also otherwise really ned idea about this subject.

Thank you once before.

The best answer

Could you take a picture of the packaging, the instructions, the EAN or even look at the TV if there is a nameplate. Also specified for 5.1 system, type number etc. would be good. It's really hard to figure out as you need or what you have Alternativren.

The information on the Television can not agree so I find on Google no Geräte.Was is meant by the 1x Coax connector, a digital coax output?

itself is in the television's in it, how to connect speakers.

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