Newfoundland dog, how much space?

How much space does a Newfoundland? So we have a total area of ​​121 square meters and a floor space of 390 square meters and we live in a house with garden and about one or two kilometers is a lake Thanks in advance

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As employment takes place for a dog outside, the apartment size is almost the same.

In principle, only enough space must exist, can the dog to retreat and are stretched and at any time has unrestricted access to his water.

We live in a house with garden

Your space is loose enough for such a dog! And garden should be a prerequisite for this breed!

We Newfoundland among others. 2 This breed loves to be outdoors reside. Ours are all day (winter and summer) and there are only of the house at night.

In the house you will hardly notice it, because they then lie down and sleep like a rock. There are very quiet and cozy dog ​​and absolutely nothing can bring calm. For they sleep not need much space, our two sleeping next to our bed. The front door should be closed if the dog does not out is because they are open champion doors!

Overall, there are very brave, frugal and pleasant family dogs. However, they are very maintenance-intensive due to the thick skin and have to be combed and brushed intensively.

even a large dog needs only one liegeflaeche and a little space matter that his people can move - the importance of sufficient and regular move of dog -Outside your home and garden ... ye genuged time for at least 3 hours and expiring educational work for the dog? is the dog not too long alone (as welep must he be supervised vollime) ... then all is well!

That should be enough: D as long as you you anlachst an elephant that enough ...

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