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Hi, have a question. When getting Newfoundland actually her real long coat? Our dog is now 7 months old, she has on the front legs and tail already relatively long fur, just missing the rest :-) Is it true that Newfoundland / large breeds only shoot up, and then in the width?

Thanks + LG

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7 months is a Neufi still in full growth. Mentally and physically!

Newfoundland grow differently.

This is because it (unfortunately) are countless breeding directions and also a variety of backyard / Paperless breeders.

Newfoundland nowadays Danish, American, Italian or Eastern European relatives in their pedigree. Some are wider, others raised or lowered. Some have a übertypisierten head and strong bone structure, a different sabberfreien normal head with healthy bone strength, suitable for all kinds of activities. Some grow harmoniously, others shoot up first and be in 2.Lebensjahr wider / more muscular or other be wrong (behind overbuilt) and simply need longer.

At best you'll realize belongs to which category your, you indme her family, the mother and her siblings look at. And the breeder löcherst :-)

You have to have patience! 3 years need the Neufi to be done. Even the coat takes time. about 2 years ago, several seasons shedding so. So it was in any case always in my and I know.

Have fun still using your Plüschi :-)

When the puppy coat is completely gone, you can never tell exactly. But after a year, most of should be out.

How you can grow big dogs say never. Our Newfoundland are always only became totally long, they were higher in the back than in the front and at some point this has then been adjusted. Growth is different and no one can say a flat rate, such as a dog will grow.

Another tip to grooming a Neufi's: Less is more! That is no more than 1-2 times a week brushes. The more you brush, the more you damage the hair structure and eventually the coat looks totally dazzled and exhausted. Therefore prefer 1x a week gross adhesions and undercoat out and comb the 2nd time simply brush so briefly about it. A few times a month, you can also distribute mane and tail spray in fur. But as I said not too often ;-)

Hi I think it will run similar to my Bernese time. He has only 5 years had his coat completely and grow do large 18-24 months. Only usually the height and then comes the width :) Do not worry in the first year will always look lanky and slightly punk from;)

For large breeds is more likely that they are going about the first 1 1/2 years in the height and the body then further "formed". This can go about to the end of the 3rd year. During this time, also the coat will change.

The large breed dog breeds grow to about 1 1/2 years in the height and the entire growth and weight gain have been completed with about 3 years.

With about 1 1/2 years, the coat should be grown so that the puppy plush is out ...

Incidentally, it is also at the Newfoundlanders certainly lines that never wear the lush Longhair and are rather simple long-haired ...

This is also in the Bernese mountain dogs so

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