Nice name for a Shiba Inu puppy? (Female dog)

In May, we finally meet us our long awaited wish - a shiba inu puppies we :-) all the time are the superior for a suitable name, but unfortunately we are so unimaginative :-( We found Lia, Summer & Lou pretty Have. you may still ideas? thank you in advance. Lg :-)

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@ Hoooney123,

below I offer you a few names for dogs. Maybe you'll even under the name of someone who you like.

Abby, Adolf, Argo, Akimo, Akino, Akita, Alya, Amy, Angy, Anjou, Anna, Anton, Anouk, Anushka, Achilles, Areta, Argo, Ari, Arko, Askhan, Askari, Assanto, Aura, Ayasha, Babsi, Balou, Balu, Basko, Bella, Ben, Bengi, Bentley, Bilbo, BJ, Bonny, bosses, Brego, Buddy, Butsch, Calle, Candy, Cara, Carlos, Cartman, Cassie, Cesa, Cessi, Charley, Chevrolet, Chica, Chico, Chilli, Coca, Coco, Collin, Cooper, Cosmo, Crusty, Daika, Daria, Dexter, Diego, Dina, Donna, Duke, Duna, Dylan, Edda, ego, Ella, Elmo, Emma, ​​Emmi, Ennio, Enno, Fee, Fergus, Fidel, Finja, Fips, Flaffy, Freddy, Frida, Friedolin, Frodo, Gilda, Gimmi, Gina, Gipsy, Gizmo, Godo, Gogo, Goofy, Grizzly, Hanna, Hape, Happy, Hennri, Henry, Hermann, Holly, Hugo, Ira, Isi, Ivan, Ivy, Jack, Jacky, Jacomo, Janosch, Jerry, Jockey, Joey, Johnny, Joker, Jomo, Josie, Joschi, Kalle, Karla, Kendy, Kessy, Kimba, Kira, Kiry, Kyra, Klara, Kodiak, Kona, crumbs, Lalla, Lander, Lara, Lars, Lazy, Leila, Lenni, Lenox, Leo, Leon, Line, Lino, Lisa, Lisette, Loma, Lotti, Louis, Luigi, Luna, Luno, Maddy, Mailo, Maja, Maki, Marlo, Marlon, Marron, Max, Merle, Mia, Mila, Miles, Mille, Mimo, Möffe, mocha, Momo, Moods, Moon, Mopsi, Moritz, Mylo, Nala, Nelly, Neo, Nikita, Nuri, Nyla, Odin, Ogie, Ole, Oskar, Otter, ouzo, Ozzo, Paco, Paloma, Paul, Paula, Paule, Pauline, Pelle, Peppels, Pepsi, Perry, Phoebe, Pico, Piter, Pitt, Polli, Quando, Quito, Raffy, robbers, Ria, Richi, Riley, Ritschie, Rocko, Rocky, Rogi, Roshin, Rosso, Rouge, Ruby, Sally, Sam, Sami, Sammy, Santi, Shania, Sharon, Sheyla, Shira, Shiro, Shiva, Sira, skipper, Skolli, spaik, Sparky, Spiky, Storm, Tacilo, Tammy, Teddy, Terry, Tessa, Tequila, Thyson, Tiago, Timbo, Tina, Tinka, Toby Torres, Trinity, Trixi, Tyson, Vito, Waity, Whiskey, Willi, Wilma, Wynona, Yana.



I like the name Jolly :) So pronounced English: D

Female? Miss Marple :-)

Nayeli ... ausgesprochem najeli

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