night let dog for 5 hours alone?


I have a Chihuahua he is now 3 years old.

I work on Fridays and Saturdays often on weekends. Always so from 22 / 23h to 3 / 4h night.

Should I then leave him at home because he is only sleeping or should I look that he is housed with whom? The problem with housing is that he is quite shy ... and not equal trustful .. White now not know what is better for him. Home leave or suspend him from the stress that it is easy with whom!?! ??

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If he is accustomed to stay five hours alone, then it is at night, no problem. The only important thing is getting used to being alone at night. Optimal is natural when a neighbor or neighbor has a key, if it should be einaml loud yet. Then that person should intervene educationally.

Before you leave him alone at night he takes a resonable walk and daytime sufficient employment as outputs, play and contact with other dogs.

I'd leave him alone - 5 Stunden is borderline but at night not quite as wild as the day.

5 hours go already. However, your dog will need to get used to it, when he was alone has never been so long. But since it is in the night, it will likely not be a major problem.

5 hours are feasible, as long as not more absence to come (overtime, delay, etc). Normal can say a dog can stay 4-5 hours a day alone in that he has learned. Longer I would never expect a pack animal.

Only during the nights you're here-where the dog is sleeping then? watching it on-if you need to toilet for example?

my two are on day active and nachsts you koenntest them almost her pillow under their bellies move away ...

how your dog behaves overall, if you are away longer?

if you leave before again ne round turn and tags given adequate game, spanning and was moving -muesste it work ... try it but the first place regarding outside a workday times from -bleibe an hour away and see what happens ...


I were in your shoes, then my dog ​​would accommodate overnight in a dog daycare. In one known to me care center that costs 5.00 euros. There, the dog is among his peers and not alone.



5 may be hours alone are at the threshold of pain, even if he has learned to be pretty tough alone. In the long run, I'd do that to any dog.

Trial the he will come in time with a friend or relative.

In my Chi are left alone and remain alone two pairs of shoes. :-))

In from 07:00 until 14:00 I can come or go, he does not care because he's asleep.

stay alone from 14:00 hours to accept and goes to sleep, but finds it stupid, because as his wax begins.

In the evening he finds totally stupid, since it is not then in his couch to sleep, but at the front door and dozing and waiting and waiting.

Nevertheless, he never does, no matter what, an uprising.

Hi. Can he stay well alone then? Has he no one but you to whom he has confidence? Could you take him? Greeting Andrea

This is not a problem. Our dog is also 5 hours daily alone.

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