Night light flashes before the eyes closed


I have for some time, that sometimes I want when I lie at night and sleep in the bed, so did light flashes before the eyes. So, it is completely dark with me and I can rule out that there is actually light. It is then as if I light up with closed eyes someone a flashlight in the face and then quickly turn to the side. Just as if it is just light and then is gone. I did about once a week, if then more times consecutively so ca 20 times in one night with breaks of a few seconds to minutes. It has become a bit more often lately so I wonder if it may indicate eye problems? I have the eye but really just closed.

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Yes, this may indicate a problem with the glass body is his eye, he can exercise train on the retina, thus reporting a flash of light to the brain. This is regarded as evidence of retinal detachment. It may also be that a lack of oxygen is present. The efferent neurons of the retina always need a lot of O2, although "peace" prevails.

Better go to the eye doctor and let the clarify and not wait long with it.

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These are the white blood cells that you see there. Had I sometimes located on any lack what exactly was I do not remember. Try going to the doctor.

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