Nitric emergence

Since the summer of last year, my chimney afflicted with saltpeter, which is now "blooms" due to my kitchen interior wall. My question to this would be, how long it takes for saltpeter origin? Could it be possible that the installation of the new gas boiler (september 2012) has to do with it? Previously, namely to see anything and everything was dry. I would be very happy about an early reply

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That it blooms on the inner wall, speaks for a high moisture content in the masonry. The Salpetersalz sebst comes from the lime mortar compound - Do not panic, be removed and helpful is a Abdeckund out up above the chimney just

I think through the furnace, the bricks are heated and the salt deposits then stop the outside, because they were full of bricks moisture. already tried a scrubbers to make from? , Wenns is worse - one probably even tear wall and peek, falls for all!

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