No desire to meet with him alone

Hey so my problem is that I have a young met and we have all the time written with each other and so on but then he asked me if we not times want to meet so and I but just said ok actually only out of politeness. Like I did not really have it, and I then told him to meet shortly before. But I have not told him that I have to meet with him not feel special that I think that nothing'd made us. Now I regret it completely because I really like him but he is now totally violated which I can understand. What should I do now ? Think pm I should tell him or how would you say it? And what can I do that I get tired of me alone with him to meet rather than to meet him only with friends?

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Then do not write to the then thinking who knows what he did wrong. Have just a similar situation. Tell him plainly what you think / feel.


Just be honest and tell him the truth! With feelings you do not play. If he. In your opinion, "wrong feelings" developed for you, you should as soon as possible clarity create! Because the more it places oneself in "this love" the worse it will unleash again it for him.

Depending on the mental health or longing for security, every man feels called "lovelorn" different ...

One rotates through, constantly cry on, increasing the desperation to depression (but time heals all wounds!)

the other eats what, going to the bathroom is, well .......

Explain to him everything first, something is pretty bad for him ... get pleasure well to meet him that you have to already own anyway

Either you have a desire or not. Since you can not force out of pity.

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