No money for the OP from the Dog!


my Mopsdame Lulu, just turned 8 years, suffering from an inflamed uterus. The first time entered the months about 6 and we tried for cost reasons only once with antibiotics, which also helped really well. Until now. For a few days the same symptoms as in the last time there and there is only the way the OP are cost 700-800 €. I myself have recently lost my job and unfortunately live by the Office, I have to watch every cent three times around it enough. Family and friends can borrow anything and installment is unfortunately not an option.

Are there places that can help me vllt? was someone in the situation and found a solution?

I was of the veterinary clinic advised my dog ​​to the shelter to make, so they can be re-conveyed to the convalescence. I understand this just not why I should not get back, just because I have no money I have to emit strange to someone?

I hope someone can help me, I'm really perplexed!

David 22, from Berlin

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Hello David,

the I am very sorry for you and the dog.

There are some organizations that help with exactly these conflicts. Google some games, especially in Berlin, there will be something.

The fact that the shelter will not pay the cost and you then reproduces the dog, but is actually understandable. Firstly sure would then many, not really in need of help, come up with the idea to take the shelter for expensive surgery in claim (and Shelters suffer even under severe lack of funds), and secondly, could indeed in a short time as a problem arise. Who can be animal not provide responsibly, and, unfortunately, are just too expensive vet bills, which allowed the shelter convey no animal. So it should you do not give the dog.

I know with us many veterinarians who, on small, take in installments is - monsters veterinarians are not usually. And I think you can always find in his life a savings opportunity, be it smoking or cell phone or eating or cinema etc. pp. 50 euros a month to save - for the installment - should always be possible.

But as I said: google to organizations that help even in such cases - there is.

I press for your dog all fingers crossed


Oje. Just go even times for SPCA and ask for the possibilities to finance they see or if they know of a place that is involved in such cases. A Hundehilfe or what. In the way. It would be really strange to give the dog so that the TSV is charged and then someone gives him others

What I can think of: do you have anything to sell? Look at you precisely with you. I would sell in such a case, even my car or bicycle or the violin ... Hopefully you come to a solution, press you the thumbs.

Hello gamers Punscher

Tells you what ioch very miss in your question? That you want to do anything .The suffering animal, the unbedinngt the OP needs to avoid having to vegetate with the pain, takes priority your help, because you have brought them to you and they Your life bereichert.Das it now financially are you not good, no excuse .The simply deport animal to the shelter and then recover to bring back is unfair to all other pet owners who have the same problems found UNMD solutions, their animal to helfen.Hör whining and will actively unsubscribe .Zeitungen, commercials and transport operations there is enough or other activities for the welfare of your Tieres.Wenn you want it, you'll do it too, but not slide from your friend, then he nor the pain of the separation on top .I appeliere to your heart than animal lover .I would do anything to help my pet.


700-800 euro are there but a bit too high, since it is a castration possibly as an emergency and will cost around 300 euros. Ask again after, because there you have misunderstood something and it is also quite common to pay off those OP costs in installments. A uterine infection can also submit very quickly be fatal, and somehow it must be possible to pay the 300 euros !! All the best.

You klemmst up now answer the phone and call veterinary practices and animal welfare organizations, veterinary assistance teams in and around Berlin.

Describe your plight and especially your dog quite frankly!

You'll find help for your dog.

, These ... I understand this just not why I should not get back .. na's logical you doing / had plenty absolutely nothing, so it's the sick Hundedame better

You had plenty to nothing to pay the necessary costs of treatment, since it is to be determined for the dog lady better communicated in more responsible hands

Hey, there're fully fallen into the Sch .... I can only advise you to let the dog live at Tierhem, will give them to. Also, my German shepherd had a strong uterine infection. It dripped pus from the channel out just like that. I am the TA and told me to read them to sleep immediately, every day is a day of pain. I have a short Gedächnispause on gemachtg. Now I'm glad I did it. I am fully discussed in the TA, since it is related to me. I am anyway believe if you already recognize that an animal is sick (is due to the herd behavior unfortunately not always the case), you should act as soon as possible.

David was a man and doing the right thing for the animal. Pain is unfortunately a hostage, that does not stop beating.

In Berlin there is the mobile veterinary clinic that cares for the dogs of the homeless. Since you can ask yes times.

But you is quite clear that no dog should buy if you can not even afford the vet bills. If the shelter you pay the OP, they will justifiably no longer back to you the dog. Because the next time you're back in the same predicament. In your place I would make the dog - the animal to love.

In an animal hospital there way installment - but only if you are creditworthy.

Oh man you sorry :( I also had to talk farewell of my dog ​​indeed take not for cost reasons but because the vet was too stupid to ask us to bring the dog to the veterinary clinic. One day after he died :( I would be at you I would maybe pay the OP. Or is the dog at the shelter from and one of your friends can buy it and return you back. your'm really very very sorry

This is now in two days, the third request ...

A sick dog needs to be treated and / or surgery and its holder have to pay any money to the ...

Now times without any comments: if you but keeps a dog for years as a best friend on the side ... There is then suddenly no one in friends and relatives can aushelgen ???

All have smartphones, computer tablets ... clothes, cars, fags ...

No one is more creditworthy ??? That surprises me now but very!

Hopefully creates's your dog ...

you know what - we preach here unceasingly that a dog in the month so costs around 100-150 € per month - it is about 50 € accumulated savings contain --genau for such cases. #

it must be simple, that is prepared for such a situation, even if you only get a partial sum together. you can try to talk, in which you ask him to be able to pay in teilzahung with your vet. if you have a pet ambulance in place, it could be that they help you there because you just bist.ansonsten H4 - go to work the way a 450, - € job brings you in a month at least 16o, € more money in addition to a H4 that you can offer then to redemption.

Hello gamers,

Installment would go? I do not know from there, questioning some games.

Does it change what it that you are not prepared anything himself do for your dog if you can delete ne answer ???

I do not think so

Animal to the shelter is probably the best solution, then they no longer have to suffer with you

Start ne website and hope to donor

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