No more satiety - Why?

Hello, As is the title, I somehow no longer satiety. I could eat anything, although I ate really a lot at lunch.

Is it because that I have lost 4 kilos? So from 02/16/2015 until now I have lost 4 kilos, ate a lot of breakfast, lunch and evening little on nothing. However, it is now changing because I back to normal lunch Esse and evening I eat again what.

  • female
  • 15 years
  • This morning 44.6 kg
  • 1.59cm

I weighed 48.8 kg

Please do not write me that I should pick up again, because I'm really happy with my weight straight. I will anyway increase again.

Is it because I have so much weight and so have no more feeling of satiety? So, for example, today, I have really eaten much lunch and have really noticed, because I still had "hunger", but to me is bad now and has been for two hours because I have just eaten so much

What should I do?

The best answer

What is it? Fatsfood? White flour? Satiety is also an Ask the diet. Iss times instead of white flour bread wholemeal bread! Instead Bright Noodles dark pasta with wholegrain. Whole grains are fiber rich and give to make you sick. What also helps are good oatmeal. So we can not just eat what one tastes good, but also make sure to take the right foods and a taste possibly to renounce something to do the body some good.

Maybe the wrong eaten, eating too fast or not eat consciously. So made the mistake of eating at the tv

This is the yo-yo effect.

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