No new Android Update Samsung galaxy s4

Why is the latest Android update (5.0) is available for some s4's and other not ?? My friend could update their phone, I can not even download the update mkr (I have my phone already checked for updates).

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Unfortunately have the same problem. My brother could easily I do not update, in my latest version is available although it is not true. (Both have a s4)

Unfortunately have the same problem with my s4 .... my brother and my friend could install it easily and with me is newest version available although it is not true: /

Although officially this still is no message to. I'm guessing that the update has been withdrawn because it caused problems. Presumably Samsung is working acutely to the problen and sends the revised update next week out, this is also true that people who have installed their update for Lollipop.

You better be glad that dus net get the update makes only problem deteriorates the battery performance and the performance is in the basement

I've also used S4 and for me it has also not been shown that new updates are available ...

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