no path exists ?!


I have more recently an external hard drive, but iwie accepted this not my data from the I want it copy from another hard drive ... with me bringing out while I want rübertschicken "path could not be found" what's going on?


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First asked you copy your data via command ...? Then one could understand the path. Otherwise halt the typical things when parsing. Proper cable, functionality of the hard drive, place and target your data, loss of data, etc ....

Do you have an external 2.5-inch hard drive?

Then you need the matching USB 3.0 cable or a Y-cable.

When you plug the drive with any USB cable (by phone), is not provided enough power.

The hard disk rattles may, but does not copy data.


If the external hard drive previously from another computer (Mac) used, they may need to be formatted appropriately.

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