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hi, so I haeb on Saturday prom so prom. I'm actually very shy and only come right out of me with my friends. I am a person who only has girls as friends and against guys always block out immediately. On Saturday I Prom and 90% were asked by a young, but no one has asked me .. I zwweifle very me. finally I'm diejneige that nobody asked (of course I'm not the only one and I walk with my friends) but I feel still poor. Also, I have the feeling that all will look much nicer than I .. you already notice my self awareness is currently -5 .. Maybe you tips oderso?

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I personally know the problem from my youth. Had therefore constant problems. You need a friend that you Quasi gives security and thou Vetraust so you can be loose. Drinking beforehand in no way Alk which only makes it worse. In addition, you should know that guys are precisely so shy and almost certainly there to ask one of you but does not want to trust. You should also try to open with guys deal so just be friendly and nice to talk with them and sometimes do what what you had at the beginning no desire but what (Sounds is one probably behind but not too bad. Something missverstänlich but I do not speak of Sex!) Could give you another 100 tricks for self-confidence and to shyness but then we would not yet ready tomorrow :)

make less worry about the others. It does not matter what others think. No people will be interested if you have now looked good or not and whether you conduct yourself appropriately. Everyone is trying to put you in a kind of system where you must fit in and which you'll have to adapt yourself. This will haunt you all your life ... What you can do about it? More be complacent with you, do not care for the opinions of others and not only see your faults but especially your benefits. Each person has their own advantages and disadvantages. Each person is lovable in its own way and always think about it: still waters are deep. The shy people are the ones that are really interesting. Not those who are all equal and mainstream. ;-)

Remember talking himself a that you are bad though probably no one of the world thinks biscuits free sucks !! You yourself stand you in full off

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