No soreness despite hard training?

Hey, I always train for an hour in the gym and go for the devices auchb the limit, but I am nä. Day no soreness ?! Should I omit the warm-up to get what? They say it is good for building muscle!

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NO! Soreness is anything but good. Warming you should necessarily, otherwise you can bring you severe injury! Be happy that you do not get sore. First, do not you have to suffer so much (like me today) and, secondly, it is a sign that your body is pretty fit. I'm now more often into the studio and I had sore muscles at the first time and now (because I made new exercises with more weight, what my body was not used).

No let it. You know what's aching?

aching is a microtraumatic. it caused cracks in the z-slice, which separate the sarcomere. A sarcomere is the smallest contractile unit of the muscle, and consists of actin, titin and myosin filaments. for a muscle ache be in gear set so that the body is adapted with a renewed such stress on the body's adaptation processes. but this process is executed just without aching. this is also called the super compensation (improvement of performance level on the output level of addition). important for the muskelafbau is that a critical threshold is exceeded charming. if you go to the limit, this should be the case prop.

sry, but I'm learning in this way for sportabi: D

So I go always as 1 1/2 hours to the gym and I also almost never soreness, although I am very make an effort! I think the body simply therefore gewühnt at the hard training, of no problem! However, I am not an expert!

This is normal because your body has become accustomed.

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