No SSD = Poorer PC performance?

Hello, my PC has arrived today. Runs also wonderful. But have only one additional 1TB HDD hard drive taken (Otherwise it would have been too expensive for me and as was the only thing I could save)

My question: Will my PC worse by the lack of SSD hard drive? Or it does not matter?

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For games, a SSD is less interesting if enough RAM, a good video card and a fast processor are available. I use my SSD for the operating system and Office. In Daily operation then the SSD becomes noticeable. My games do I install on a SATA III HDD. The sufficient. I once installed a game on the SSD. Of course, the start of the game is much faster. But in Speil itself almost no difference to a HDD installation should be noted. If enough RAM is available (in my 8GB), the game can to disperse and need less access to the HDD.

Evil is your PC by no means. A SATA hard drive is also fast. SSD is still a little faster but your record is actually perfectly adequate.

Me specifically, it is only noticed when booting the PC or in the development of the game world when you play on Ultra. But there is also only milliseconds to 1 second (felt)

With SSD, the loading times are just short. More FPS you have characterized not, if you think that should. But you can sometime rebuy a.

But have only one additional 1TB HDD hard drive taken

What do you mean "just"? That is already quite substantial, unless, you want thousands of songs or hundreds of movies stored on them. Apart from the fact that you can also sometime uslagern to external media such data.

Will my PC by the lack of SSD hard drive bad?

Worse certainly not, perhaps a little slower (at PC startup or when starting programs or during recharge), but how are talking about seconds, less of Minuen, and certainly not by hours.

With a fast disk goes without SSD. But:

Have you once worked a long time on another computer with SSD, you get your SSD without prior übelst slowly. ;-)

Evil is not only much slower :) But if your pc jetz 1 min booting or in 7 seconds or if a game 3 sec loading screen has, or at least up to 30 is yes sausage :) (is only a thing of whether you a lot of money for some speed want to spend :))

Schlechter not

hm ... it's just the difference between "Joa, I can live with" and "boah fast". ssd is just faster, but no, do not need to do it really

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