No Whatsapp = outsider? - Chat addicts society?

Tach everyone,

I have now observed a strange phenomenon. As far as I get to know new people, whether on the Internet or outside, comes the question: Did you whatsapp, you have Facebook? Then I always say: No, I have no Whatsapp and no Facebook. Because I do not need. I've had enough Jappy to chat.

Immediately I watch myself stupid and you lose interest in me. I wonder what kind of society we live in today?

I have even not even a smartphone, simply because I do not need that.

I prefer still personal contact before (like phone calls, meet), but apparently I belong to a racial or aussterbenen kind. Because the whole world is now chatting to death on via Facebook and whatsapp.

When I think that it used to be was a nice OPENING HOURS without Facebook and without whastapp. Sometimes I have the feeling that we are people to digital zombies. This dependence of this whole media I find cruel! It really works well without.

So that had to get out times. Answers are desired).

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You've certainly right that it goes too far in some. But there is another way. I also have WhatsApp and Facebook and am really not dependent! I still meet there with friends and I have no use no problem at the mobile times two weeks. I find a WhatsApp is not mandatory but simply practical.

One of my friends has no whatsapp. Me excites the very, as I am always of the need to try him without a telephone, ... contact. have Whatsapp is not to be addictive and it's just a great way to talk about distance. Disturbing it when even in real conversations the phone is not allowed to do is.

You do not participate in all ad nauseum, but we must also not make consistently against everything, just because earlier everything was better.

We do not walk earlier times and when you might want to drop operate someday a responsible job or a good friend is leaving thousands of kilometers, then you will hardly can do without the benefits of a smartphone.

Over time, change people's needs. I am also the person you no Facebook and WhatsApp needs. People are always dependent as regards such things ...

I think you're right! While a smartphone and Whatsapp can be useful but are not required at all. I think it's not bad if you have both, but if not, it is not too bad. Whatsapp example may help if you quickly want to send a message to many. but bad are the chat Japanese hanging continuously before. (Japanese, because the gamble is indeed partially dead) Facebook is the biggest nonsense. MfG BadBud

Mh, is not about ... how was your beautiful word? Ah "chat", it is the easiest art to arrange to meet or an old girlfriend who lives in kontaktzubleiben, I myself have now very far away, and whatsapp and Facebook, the only options are to stay in contact. Türlich there is a change, but it is nunmal so, there will always be something. One should not only see the bad in something. Lg Tommy

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