Nose piercing since gesterb

Have a nose piercing since yesterday. You know how it is with a shower or wash your hair? My nostrils is also flushed .... Is this normal or this indicates inflammation. Have "pain" while coughing too little, yawn or "puff" of the nose. The disinfect or press does only when disinfect hurt not ansonten the touch. I can turn it without problems just as clean as nose folds also super. How do I know that it begins to heal? And how long have you the approximate pain?

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I keep asking myself, why some wonder from the pain and redness when they were just pierced only. You have been a needle pierced through a body part, but it is clear that it will not be painless. Why you turn the piercing? So you only tears the whole branch canal again what an optimal healing naturally delayed .. Disinfect has the piercing as you explained that the piercer and wait a couple of days off. If it's not getting better in 1-2 weeks, you should again for piercers. Showers and wash your hair goes smoothly, as long as you do not einkleisterst the piercing with shower gel. If you have actually told your piercer ....

If you clean it well regularly then it may take only a few days. In my case it took almost 6 days and after 2 weeks I have to switch the plug. This is also from person to person showering otherwise and with or wash your hair should be no problems there also. Just be careful in the face with shower gel which contains perfume. The best that without taking. In Edeka for example it gubt a ph-neutral shower gel of electrolytic capacitors.

Sounds normal. wash showers and hair should be no problem. disinfect and turn Schön further / move. Redness after the sting normal, it should be better after a few days. If it swells thick or festers, you should again go to the piercer or doctor.

Disinfecting the the prop is often not normal: /

Showers etc is not a problem! Every day with salt water a cotton swab

who wants beautiful rope, must always suffer only until the body gets used to the intervention

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