Nosebleeds - how come all at once ?!

Hey guys,

I've never had a nosebleed - at least I can not remember. On Tuesday I had so suddenly nosebleeds. I just sat at the PC and then the nose was running. Wednesday (yesterday) was nothing. Today at school but it began again with the nosebleed ... got me pretty excited. My diet teacher talked to me and asked if I have a cold or was, since it assumes that the blood vessels are stimulated in the nose by the cold.

Maybe I'll find here an expert who can tell me more accurate :) Thanks in advance

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In the front part of the nose meet like together several blood vessels, therefore, arise here most bleeding. Often all it takes is a nose-blowing or nose picking to be tearing the delicate vessels of the nose and thereby induce nosebleeds. Overheated rooms in winter provide dry, irritated mucous membranes and can often cause bleeding.
In adolescents your age often leads to bleeding in the front part of the nose. This is usually harmless. That happens more often in the wake of strong growth spurts, such as during puberty.
You should be restrained only properly.
Lie down not out but stay seated upright. The head, never bend backwards. swallow the blood under any circumstances, because it can cause nausea and vomiting. Put a cold cloth or ice pack on the neck. hold the nose can help - simply the nose for two minutes but firmly with your fingers, breathe in through the mouth. After the bleeding should be breastfed.

Are you in Pupertaetsalter? In the time that comes frequently before, the body rebuilds, grows and as the blood vessel are often somewhat thinner first. What's more dry heated air in winter and infection stimuli that make the veins porous and off you go.

My older son had about three years time to time nosebleeds every few weeks, then it was over. And when my younger son, who had this winter now also the first time repeatedly nosebleeds.

Can have many causes. Could a wound in the nose to be (if you go in often with your fingers there). Or ruptured blood vessels in the head, it would be the worse variant.

That's me / was. Have every other day just so get nosebleeds ..

Maybe I'll find here an expert

No not here. Go to a doctor. one should never underestimate nosebleed!

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