not accepted certificate of university'm desperate

Hello everybody,

I have the following problem. On the day of the exam, I was sick and could not therefore take part in it. When I went to my family doctor on Klausurtag, I realized that this practice of "Terminpraxix" was transformed and I therefore, in spite of such info hinkonnte to the practice, until the next day. Because of this, I went to see yet few other practices, but could not turn me take because a) my GP has not been on holiday and b) whose capacities are ausgefülllt that you can not take people in their index. Thus, I thought, because I always have no choice, because I go the next day directly to my GP ...... this wrote me a certificate from (even with a corresponding message that I had called the day before but from gennanten reasons could not appear on the day. by the way the Klausurtag was a Monttag and I was sick since Saturday, but did not visit a doctor because it was the weekend !!

What should I do? I'm at a loss because I have thereby get a mistrial, although I can not help it! Would a contradiction that I may appeal have success?

I ask for your advice :)

Love from

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You will have bad cards, because you have to provide proof for the examination inability during the exam and that takes more than one certificate, which issued a day later. Most examination regulations are there relatively clear and the examination regulations at relatively strict interpretation. You are to prove beyond doubt in the burden of proof and have the examination office that you were not auditable at the time of examination. It even goes so far that regularly disclose the symptoms or even (legally disputed) requested the diagnosis. You now have the opportunity again to speak with your agent the PA and possibly get your ignorance into play and that you have it really trying to get a certificate. If you recite examination inability for the first time, could there be something more accommodating. When you put opposition, decided by the Audit Committee: Here you have, legally speaking, a bad hand. Caution: Sometimes you have to pay for a negative decision of the Audit Committee as an applicant a fee. If you take the leap anyway into consideration, take contact with the student representatives in the committee, which can then present your situation. If it does not work: To a mistrial is not the end!

These are very clear rules. If you are sick on a day of the exam, then you have directly to the doctor. One day later, which helps nothing. You can always go to a hospital. And frankly, if you have scoured several surgeries and have never be so bad case classified you that you have to take you right to it, then it can you not have gone so badly ... Will not say that you as played what have, but when you put opposition, then watch out as you portray it, because so has less effect.

Sorry, but somehow implausible that one can reinsetzen despite illness in any GP.

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