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Hello :) Have a little problem: D when I went recently for a walk with my dog ​​he has made before a garden gate, but that was just not the garden itself ie not in land. I had exceptional case no bag and thought as it actually was on the way, not again with bag would have to go all the way back. Today my mother tells me that he has asked questions all the time, so our dog and where we live exactly. Now I stop fear that he somehow sued us or so what could possibly happen? : D Lg :)

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Good evening, zwergelch Da "of" catching up inquiries about you, is there still something to come safe for you by his side. I would venture the bull by the horns, that ring with the man or interject a note on which I say "Sorry" and promise that no longer occurs. For future Gassi transitions in which you forgot the bag, I would then ring in the case of such a mishap immediately or write a note. Obwohl- if you have a note here, you can use the well to convey the dog poo next waste container.

Unless you have someone observed in the omission and learns who you are, it can give an indication at clerk's office and receive a penalty notice. Your mother should mention, I hope!?! J

Hello, Zwergelch if you often no bag at home, then let the dog but on your own land his business doing that dogs can easily learn if you want and go for a walk with him afterwards. Then such situations can be avoided.

So it goes without saying that you tidy up after his dog here! and the sachets you do not have then all the time have with you, somewhere near is always a wastebasket. in many communities is an administrative fine payable when allowed are dog feces, and that's not degree little. if he can prove (to the garden owner?) that the feces of your dog comes to you he can show why. So next time you collect just gone.

Go for a walk without a bag about to have is really unforgivable and I would pollute the already as intent, foreign land, see. Especially in winter you always have a tempo here and can hold dog waste or the dog poop when you take a stick to help, something buried. Makes you look as dog owners sometimes thinking about how that's for other people if they have or even constantly pack into or take their children to harmful and absolutely disgusting dog feces or the feces of infancy or school bags? I think the owner is you take your mistakes very crooked, I would show up in his place even if I had small children, even for attempted assault or because of actual bodily harm, who is, for example, have fallen into a child there ... remains now you just wait, or go to the injured back, apologize and explain to the victim that it was an accident. At least you do you so thoughts, because you even realize that it is not right, if dog owners let their dog poop lying. Unfortunately, that many do not.

Hello Zwergelch, it is not very nice when you have to remove the Sch..ß the other in front of the garden door or around the house because the dog owner does not hold the necessary. Go to that bring him a bottle of wine and you apologize for Maleur .Nimm next time ne bag and bring it immediately in order. Just think .There are people who get upset because every Sche .... ß on. NG

Honestly? Man brings his dog just at only ne meadow on ...! Since it is sometimes even more in order to let an exception (!!!) are times when one has forgotten ne bag. But to leave the dog on the way ... and it has not gone to evacuate is a no go! Whether land or not.


You always have to evacuate the mud away. Otherwise you have to pay a fine. If you get caught directly how to make the droppings are just about 30 €, otherwise more.

Lg. Lena

Good day, Zwergelch, it sounds as if the man is out for revenge. I would run in the near future is not necessarily more often than necessary with the dog through the area. With us in the neighboring village there was a case, there was a dog owner who is also often times used no walkies bag, beaten badly by a gang, this one has what he likes to let lie with others from the land, smeared him in his face. Pity this dog owner has been limited because it is not the first time dog feces left in front of the land of others. Pack but next time when you go for a walk, but forgets to take a bag, the dog poop easily -without Tüte- in your pocket or purse. The garment just comes afterwards in the washing machine or to scrub it off; although this may take some time. Just as other people do it if them one of your not weggeräumten Hundehaufen has come in the way. If other people come into contact with your dog poop, but often comes from dog owners only succinctly, one should not do in front of the small dog pile so squeamish and the feces of their own four-legged favorite is still much less disgusting than that of other dogs but please. Or????

Anyone who has a dog, should make his dung also gone, that's just part. Whether way, garden or playground!

You are obliged to make it clear, otherwise there is I think a fine or something. Next time make easy right away, or run back and pick up a bag.

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