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Hello community :) A friend of mine has as a profile picture on Facebook a selfie of us. I have pointed out to remove already last month the photo. She has also read it. Today I did it again said that I do not want this on Facebook is. They said it: 'You can not force me to put it out!'. How then are my rights? I asked them politely but she wants the image so anyway not delete .. What should I do? Does she have the right to make the picture online? Thank you in advance for any answers <3 LG DieBetty13

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Write an email to Facebook itself and say there that they have a picture on its website without obtaining your permission and that is an offense.

If they do not want to hear is a little harder and tell if you are not out taking it that thou anzeigst. I think copyright, and all with the pictures as it looks with the laws knows I guess almost everyone. And as the sign photo on facebook! If the photo is then out through facebook then everything is good! If not, show it to!

No they can not! If you have it you said before, talking seriously with her! If you want to have the photo on GARKEINENFALL on facebook, they'll show it you're Namely because of the personal rights and privacy law

You violated your rights. The right to an image.

"Images may be put on public display disseminated only with the consent of the person portrayed or. The consent is in doubt as issued when the person portrayed that he allowed himself to reflect, received a remuneration. After the death of the person portrayed is needed until the expiration of ten years of the consent of the relatives of the person depicted. Members under this Act are the surviving spouse or domestic partner and children of the person portrayed and, if neither a spouse or partner children are still present, the parents of the person portrayed. " (Germany)

For questions contact the board attorney.

if you do not want that, then they may not even !! display would be legally correct

Legally, of course you would be right, but I do not think it would be to delete the photo, un to pay the legal costs you so much.

At just a super lowe action of your acquaintances.

No they can not upload the without your permission, and certainly not in public who can be clearly seen on the picture your face Dan they may not, without your permission! That's against the law and you can them of due See also!

if you do not want to have it in there they must take out there. I think you can even at facebook pictures complain google simply times thereafter

You can view them and they will, if they have not already deleted the photos until the court date, getting a fine ... what do you expect? that here is Germany: D

I believe you can report the image then it is deleted

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