Not satisfied with the new update Galaxy S5

I made yesterday an offered update on my Galaxy S5. Had I even let it rather remain. It works as no longer the silent position. Either vibration or sound, silent no longer works or there is not even the alarm clock a sound.

Is there a way, to complain to the provider? I think if the many users do, it would make a difference that the programmer to think and improve. If they receive no Feedbeak by the users, they can not know what they are so fabricate for "crap" yes.

Is there possibly a way to make the update undo?

Bin for each tip grateful!

The best answer

an app Hello :) One can invite named Silent Mode Widget down. This is a widget which allows you to make the phone silent, or you simply makes the vibration intensity is not as high :) Much success!

You can set the priorities mode because half the stuff is blocked, according to your wishes. I find the option in exceptional cases in which all the garbage not at all that bad. Now one may sometimes represent only half of the apps and especially disconnected from the call ringing silently.

The star in the title bar should be you have noticed, right?

Hello, I have the new update and am super satisfied, since some apps no longer work. I think you can only Samsung complain directly or optionally set the phone back to factory settings.

Only if you the mobile phone with a different ROM To upload ... but then comes the warranty lost

I would say everyone is unhappy ... you should introduce it shows how the phone looks after the update is

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