Notebook / Laptop not Boots, no picture, hear fan noise ...

, Tach first, ... the start (START - BUTTON) I see as short (closed symbol) A and (lock symbol) 1 but illuminates then end .. nothing else lights up ... when I drinn battery lights pass nor the ACCU lamp ..

HDD lamp also does not light

Operating system would be even XP Prof strikes

External monitor does not help

screen no lighting

the BIOS I do not come also

Disk rotates but (is heard)

Problem is some time since ..

model no idea just see:

  • TAR (o) X [logo]

From here everything is at the back

  • Type ►PLTA Pentium M715
  • BJ. ► 08/04 G. Fleischhauer
  • S / N ► 0423368h ........... CE (icon)
  • TAROX Systems & Services GmbH

(Next stickers part)

1551 / MS2145 ... CM

NOTEBOOK (china sign ....

...... ... Etc ...

more icons that I can describe bad

to further so ... this is not a new notebook ... had already in 2011 and 2012 for use beginning

so now I leave you time fiddle :)


The best answer

According to this description, I would say that part of it behind.

1. Battery Disconnect power supply out. 2. 20 sec press on / off button. 3.Akku connect pure and IMPORTANT to the PSU. Works at 99?

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