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Miss a laptop Wolltw my girlfriend for building, with which it can work properly (Word office etc.) and content and can look at movies, which is not also "overwhelmed" directly at a little more performance and hangs / lagt.

What do you think of that?

HP Compaq 15-s100ng 15.6 "Notebook [Intel Dual Core, 4GB, 500GB, Win 8.1]

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for purely word processing programs such as Word, he goes I think of. However, the processor is really outdated and you should consider if you do not spend a little more and it will already get a much better device. I would you recommend at least an Intel i3 processor.

I hope I could help you.

VG Frederike

Average laptop. Whereby the already really on the border. But for normal work ranges from completely. With a more expensive model word hald start a little faster.

For your requirements of laptop already fits.

If he has time to slowly but, simply re-play :)

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