noted bump with my dog, what now?

days three ago I found a lump in my bitch Chilli right hip .Klar I go tomorrow morning with her to the Animal Doc. but that's still a long time and I wanted to ask if one of you has gone through ever such a thing? What makes me so ready is the fact that it is rapidly larger. I have ne shit scared about my mouse, it is only 4 years young, daaaaaaa ... shit, no, there can not be bad. I thank you in advance. LG

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Hello :)

Yes my dog ​​(beagle) had also so similar to her it was just not thick. We are ready to head off to the vet and he said that it would only fat. One of these bubbles had burst a few days ago and there came out a lot of pus ... unfortunately I do not know how to get your dog to go still help: / I'm really sorry. However, it is good repays you will tomorrow for TA :) go already

Best wishes and good luck for your dog :)

Hello Tajathor, I have several vets said that it is a harmless fatty tumor in my bitch. Something would be heard and is glad to go with such a diagnosis home. I have also made. My dog ​​has noted nothing. She was all those years cheerful and lively as ever.

Only after years, when I was at the new residence with her again in the new vet, made the attention to me that this could be something else. He operated it away, sent to the pathology and there was a devastating prognosis. My sweetness is because, unfortunately, unfortunately died two months later.

I want you do not worry, you just put your heart, right to have the body accurately and not to let yourself be fobbed off with presumptions. Had I taken the time so, then my mouse would still live.

Best of wishes you two

if any of you has gone through ever such a thing?

no one can say from afar what your Chilli missing! And with many guesses you is not helped.

You can only wait for what the vet will tell. All the best for you and chilli!

Honestly .... Because you can make even more afraid and still bring you security answers here but.

This can theoretically be much and you should because tomorrow the appointment at the vet wait. I express to you and your Chilli crossed that the bump out presents as hamlose thing.

Hello Tajathor,

You should still to the vet! Because a tumor usually does not grow as fast and it may well be that this is an abscess or something like that, or a collection of blood. Do not wait until tomorrow, try your veterinarian by phone to reach and if not, then inquire you please, where the nearest veterinary clinic is and call there and ask what you should do. Better safe than sorry, and after you do you blame?

All love for the little chilli!

Has really no purpose here to expect remote diagnostics. It may also be a harmless fatty tumor or something. The vet wirds know or he is determined advise to remove it in an operating room and only then can the tissue to be examined and then we also know definitely what it is.


where because that is sitting this "bump" on the hip? More in the soft area or in Knochenbreich?

What is now the bump?

How does this feel?

Hot, cold, they can be summed up or move freely?

Juckt the place, it hurts?

Urine and defecation function problem?

What does your dog to?

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